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Poem: Never Ever

I’ve heard so much,
I’m here to stay,
I’ve been inspired,
By love and many other things,
Beautiful and bittersweet,
Life’s not about ranting,
Is to give thanks to the best,
And be grateful for the less,
For tomorrow comes to place,
Where you work towards the Ace.

I know. I know. I’m behaving like some kind of a poetic b**ch. But there’s something so strong within me that I have to get it out. So, I’m putting Wishlist Wednesday on hold for today.

I was at the daycare ward today, hearing so many stories shared by some patients (heart-wrenching and heart-warming). I’ve learned enough, but not a lot. I’ve learned that life is unpredictable. That’s number one. Therefore you shouldn’t take life for granted, that includes your health.


This is my fastest entry. Ever.

I have to be up by 5.30am so I’m doing this in the speed of light.

The wait is the real killer but I will not give up. In fact, I’ve thought about Plan B and C. There’re 26 alphabets so I have 26 plans to kill.

What I mean is my literary agent signing. I’m not ranting here But patience is what counts.

I’m on Hong Kong International Literary Festival website. Like now.

Inspired new voice

Beth is her name.

I was hanging around at the record store and a cover version of Swedish Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child came on. I asked the store assistant and she showed me a bright tangerine CD cover. So, I have to mark this for next month’s purchase.

Lately, I’ve been watching some movies via Youtube. Some of those are ‘Protege’ and ‘Overheard’; the first and second installment. Also, some book purchases I need to take note, like ‘The Swimming Pool’ by Holly LeCraw, ‘Girl Who Fell From The Sky’ by Heidi Durrow and ‘The Ghost Bride’ by Yangsze Choo. I’ve made a pack to myself in order to place my order, I have to finish at least three-quarter of mine.

Probably, I have to wait by end of this year.

So for Music Monday, besides having the above mentioned, I’ve been listening to ‘Teardrops’ for synopsis writing inspiration. Also, taking this as one of the categories, I’ve been reading numbers of articles from Writer’s Digest. As a self-confessed basket of denial, and revising my query, I will send one, which is the last of the second tiers. Tomorrow.

At the meantime, I’m listening to the stand-fan blowing at the back of my hair.

Five minutes after midnight

And so I present to you my Other Writings website.

Feel free to click onto the link.

I’ve been working on the site since one and a half weeks back, hoping to show my writing to the world before I actually can call myself a published author.

In this weekend rant and it isn’t some kind of Q&A, do you feel lonely in nightfall?

I try not to admit that. Instead, I read a lot of encouraging quotes.

One thing for sure – Socialise and make friends with POSITIVE people!


In fact, I don’t mind listening to one favourite song entire day. I’m not insane. It’s just a tune that keeps my mood going. I’ve blogged previously about depression. Truth to be told, music heals all souls. Whether you’re a crack-pot or not.

I’m a Malaysian. But still a Chinese by heart. I celebrate Christmas, Chinese Lunar New Year…basically every festivals except those had to do with religious celebration like Hungry Ghost festival and any Hindu and Muslim celebrations. But wait, I still go for my Muslim and Hindu friends’ open house during Hari Raya and Deepavali.

I want to draw two points here.

I’m still very much an old-soul that’s into music of the 80’s and 90’s. Those are the most memorable moment of my life. Similarly, my current playlist (the one in my WMP) are songs by the Chinese legendary Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Gigi Lai, Vivian Chou, Grasshoppers and BEYOND! I cap that because I couldn’t have known how a Canto-Rock would sound like if it weren’t them.

This morning, I was listening to ‘Heart Attack’ by Demi Lovato, ‘Stronger’ by Kelly Clarkson ‘Impossible’ by Shontelle, ‘How Do I Deal’ by Jennifer Love Hewitt and ‘Smoke’ by Natalie Imbruglia. And now it’s Chinese songs all the way.

Another point that I want to make is, I’m proud to call myself a Malaysian and YES, I don’t look so-Chinese by appearance. At times, I’ve been mistaken as an Indonesian, Thai or Filipino. It doesn’t matter. When I was in Vancouver, a man ran to me and claim I must be from Singapore. So what made him thought that? My fluency in English, as he said. Well, there’re Malaysians who are fluent, or close to speaking this impeccable universal language. Perhaps, I’m the first one you’ve met.

My most pleasure, so to speak.

And yes, I love British English. I find it very sexy. Before any of you throwing tomatoes at my direction, I do love North American way of speaking too. Now, I need some help from the Southern effect, please.

The Blue Bird

That’s TWITTER I mean.

Thank you for following me. But the moment I don’t auto-follow, I can see the diminishing effect of my ‘un-following’ list. Now, what’s going on and what point I’m making you’re asking?

Again, I want to thank all of you who’d followed.

In fact, I don’t ALWAYS auto-follow.

See the caption?

What if you’re following other celebrities and they’re not doing the same to your account? Are you going to stop following them also? The answer probably is a ‘no’ because you’re interested in them.

Of course, I welcome all your answers. Rant it out if you may…

I’m currently reading ‘The Cell’ by Stephen King.

Other than that, I’m getting used to people ‘following’ and ‘unfollowing’.

Au Natural Antidepressants

Endorphins are the answer.

They’re produce by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, similarly to opiates, for feeling well-being. Besides laughter, there’re others like exercise, consumption of spicy food, excitement, pain, love and…orgasm, which can be found in endorphins. At some point, endorphin can be found in stress. Remember, there’re good stress around to keep our mind going.

So, how to combat the bad stress?

1) Talk it out to someone you trusted, or join an organisation/groups. If you may get socialise…

2) Sleep, sleep and sleep. I couldn’t repeat it further. If you think tomorrow you’re going to replenish your yesterday’s forsaken sleep, no way. It’s difficult to tackle it. Unless someone invented a time-travel machine.

3) It leads to depression – so eat appropriately – like drink soy milk instead of caffeinated drinks. Let’s say if you’re an avid coffee drinker, try to limit the consumption in a cup a day only. If you quit it totally, the effect can be worst. So one step at a time.

4) Pep-talk. It’s mind over matters. Your mind is the headquarter of your body. It’s time to act wise and let your brain do the talking rather than using your heart all the time. I’m not saying follow your heart is bad. But the mind and heart must come into a term in order to convince one self.

5) Write it out. If you don’t write a journal. That’s okay. Blogging may be a waste of time, so you can have Facebook or Twitter. But once again, be wise here for you don’t want to lash everything out and then regret later. We’re reasonable and prudent adult here. So, act like one.

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