Rubbing the Bottle

I’m listening to Maroon 5 on Youtube – the entire selection of songs can loving every bits of it.

No matter how hard I’m rubbing the bottle, I don’t think I can ever get this book – Toys Battle (玩具大战) by Louis Koo. I was at my trusted local bookstore and asked to order for purchase. Seems I’m not the only person who’s trying to get my hands on this. However, this book is not in printing anymore, perhaps since they’ve sold their 2nd or 3rd (I’m not sure) edition. So, to those who’ve grabbed the book, good for them.

At that moment, I was like, “perhaps can I call the publisher and print that one copy for me and I’ll pay at all cause.” OOOoooo, that’s too much to handle. Of course I didn’t say that and kept it to myself. So far, I only have two Chinese books – Initial D: The Movie Picture Book (2005) and Louis Koo’s biography ‘Searching For Louis'(2002).

In fact, I bought ‘Searching For Louis’ by accidental. It was in 2002 and I attended his film promotion at one of the shopping malls. I can safely conclude he’s the first and the last celebrity I’ve met in person. I remember rushing home from school just to watch ‘The Legend of Condor Heroes’. And years later, there he was standing on the stage platform, and the three main criteria any girls would die for – Tall, dark and handsome. He’s very quiet as expected. I couldn’t believe it myself. My heart was beating fast. Don’t blame me. I was only twenty and loving it. And there’s this fan started chatting with me about how much she loved him. There comes her advertising of the book. When I owned the book, I barely read it until recently. He came from a long way to where he stood today.

There’s this page that had deeply touched me – Tears of a Seventy Year Old Nun.

Somehow, he’s conveying the nun’s message to me. It literally means – ‘Life has many obstacles, have the courage, dare to face it, dare to admit, then one day you’ll be able to stand tall again.’

That quote helps me a lot in different way. From my personal problem to my MS waiting to be plucked from the slush piles. In life, you need a lot of courage to face the hardship. It’s easy to say than done. But speaking from someone who has seen the darkness, and then running towards the tunnel of rainbow, in the end, when the wait is over, I hope the roses are blooming non-stop.

No, I’m not interested in his private life. I want to thank him for that beautiful page. I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to do this personally. So, I can do it here, which is…better than never.

I do believe in one thing – In life, you’ll reap what you’ve sowed.

At the meantime, I thank God for having Adam Levine’s voice serenading my living room.


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