Au Natural Antidepressants

Endorphins are the answer.

They’re produce by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, similarly to opiates, for feeling well-being. Besides laughter, there’re others like exercise, consumption of spicy food, excitement, pain, love and…orgasm, which can be found in endorphins. At some point, endorphin can be found in stress. Remember, there’re good stress around to keep our mind going.

So, how to combat the bad stress?

1) Talk it out to someone you trusted, or join an organisation/groups. If you may get socialise…

2) Sleep, sleep and sleep. I couldn’t repeat it further. If you think tomorrow you’re going to replenish your yesterday’s forsaken sleep, no way. It’s difficult to tackle it. Unless someone invented a time-travel machine.

3) It leads to depression – so eat appropriately – like drink soy milk instead of caffeinated drinks. Let’s say if you’re an avid coffee drinker, try to limit the consumption in a cup a day only. If you quit it totally, the effect can be worst. So one step at a time.

4) Pep-talk. It’s mind over matters. Your mind is the headquarter of your body. It’s time to act wise and let your brain do the talking rather than using your heart all the time. I’m not saying follow your heart is bad. But the mind and heart must come into a term in order to convince one self.

5) Write it out. If you don’t write a journal. That’s okay. Blogging may be a waste of time, so you can have Facebook or Twitter. But once again, be wise here for you don’t want to lash everything out and then regret later. We’re reasonable and prudent adult here. So, act like one.


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