One Man’s Meat…

is another man’s poison.

This isn’t about food but WRITING.

You may think that plate of food is sucks, while your friend is poking his/her nose into it. Same goes to writing. You may think this particular book sucks, but the one next to you feels the connection with the storyline.


Say yes with me for I’m waving my all four limbs in the sky now.

Now you may think some bestsellers might not be as good as they actually sounds like. Again, it’s like food. It’s based on word of mouth. Going viral. You go to the new restaurant, try on the food because you’ve read good reviews. So, you want to give it a try. No harm. It’s practically reasonable. So the scenario applies to a book. You’ve read the reviews. Good-good ones. And then so many people rush to buy it until it hit your favourite book stores top selling list. You want to be part of the buyer and you did. The best part – it’s a great read. You stay up so late to finish it. The worst part is when you stop half-way.

Not because you need a break, but you’re tired of the writing/storyline, other factors apply. And then you’re rushing it to finish (speed reading comes in) because you want to make your cents worth. Like ‘I’ve finished the book!’ You chuck it aside. Swearing that not to touch it again.

That’s sad but TRUE.


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