Poem: Portrait of an Archangel

Weak as I am
I’m feeling your emotion,
I’ve consumed by rage
In words of attention,
The closer we get,
Nearer I stumble upon your embrace,
I lose my edge
Memories I have to erase,
Your visions see me through
With you, can it be true?

I was caught in your act
For I have fallen so pure and guilty lack.
Wordless utterance
Of you and me,
Making a faithless entrance
To those we have to fight,
It feels so distance,
I couldn’t keep up with your paces,
For a kiss of innocent,
You are a guardian angel.

Sad to define,
That I have no one to confide,
If you would to leave me empty,
I don’t need others’ sympathy.
On bended knees,
My hatred cease,
Staring deep into your wishful eyes,
You cast my mistakes away,
I’m glad,
For you’ve taken me
Into an angelic dance,
I obtain a brand new life,
Let me have your thoughtful trance,
Needless for me to have a knife.

Slashes of wounds,
In this twisted crimson blood
Burn me,
I’m producing a flood
Drowning malicious people,
with all my angst.
Suffered so much and longed to touch,
I can’t hear you call,
I’m just a vandalized doll,
Strings compacted puppet,
I don’t wear a corset,
I’m still breathing; living in my own cube,
You’ve picked up this catatonic girl,
From that corner-stone,
I’ve appointed fearless urge,
To approach you,
But you are gone.

I have nowhere to reach you,
If I would to parade myself,
In anger; not too soon,
Wings you’ve attached,
Spirits, souls and love we’ve detached,
I stood alone in deformity,
Unsettled in pieces,
I left in my agony,
With this heart
I sacrifice and bleed,
Until the day we meet again,
Beyond the beautiful shore we have created,
Please don’t be ignored.
For the devoted love I’ve possessed in you.

– – –

Currently listening to Valen Hsu‘s album – Single Diary 1995-2001.


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