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Poem/Lyric: Unclaimed Nights

I was talking to the bartender on the Saturday night,
Nothing to brag about so I complain about the weather,
You say a girl like me shouldn’t be left unattained,
But a boy like you couldn’t be hanging out idly too.

I belong to no one else and I want to stay it this way,
Please don’t cause any disturbance I’m warning you,
I can take good care of myself so thanks for your concern,
You may go back to where you come from and do your own thing.

When I was walking back to the hotel room you were there with me,
Been following me just now what the hell were you thinking?
How could it be so hilarious I don’t know why?
I had to fall out of love for you to come to me.

You found me when I was alone in one of those unclaimed nights,
But I don’t have the heart to attach to anybody else,
I don’t want to waste your time so please go away,
Go find somebody that suits you and leave me alone.

But thank you for loving me,
Thank you for choosing me,
Please accept my apology,
That I have to pass this love to another girl…

Poem: The Unknown (IV)


We meet again on 29th September,
I squeeze through the sea of chamber,
Someone’s behind is a pusher,
I fall to your feet, such improper,
You stopped, hands out but the bodyguard take you away


As I was up to my stand,
You look on
Brushing stare, you saw me,
Reality and virtually, deep within
You’re real but what about your feelings?

– – –

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Poem: Stiletto Named Denim

Dedicated to my ex-flame and Eileen of A Sleeping Haiku

I saw it, a beautiful one. But the price a killer; you took it and asked me not to look at the Ringgit and put it on

You loved the open toes concept; you want me to wear only this. Others will get your discrimination. You took the photo; uploaded to your screensaver

But it chained my movements, my ankles break, I refused to wear after the first fall, you blamed me for wasting

The straps were murderer, unable to ignore. You promised to walk the miles with me and carry me home…

And now I’ve lived with regret, I should have worn it a little longer. Shouldn’t make the decision that quick, should have…

How stupid could I be? Listen to your spellbinding words. Avalanche of emptiness, only pointing fingers

At me, on me and to me – endlessly
It spells ‘elegant’ but now a eulogy

Paints were chirping apart answering the prayer of my heart. In crooked manner, I broke them like I did to your love

Refused to be your strings-attached-puppet, your sour lips and roadkill fingertips, dancing like a musical ballerina in my shadow

My legs were dismembered, pretending to be bulimic, throwing up at your feet while eating Chinese with you

On 09/09/2005, away the denim shoes into the dump after we’ve broke-up, reminding me of your possessiveness

Now that they were gone, gone with the obsessive attitude. It used to be my death row. But it moulded me to be the better am.

Poem: Being

Blamed constantly
Speak Less words

Being laughed at always
I go with the flow
What say you?

You have no right over me
Hands of branches crawling
My sinking heart

When are you saving me
Not from hell
But here on earth –

Poem: Away With You

If these wings could fly
Let me stay by your side
If these eyes could travel
Then to Paris we go
A place where you love
Where I used to hate
Now that you’re here with me
I can no longer despise the Eiffel Tower

If these wings could break
Let me save those pieces for you
If these love could fall
Let me pick them up for you
Falling in love is hard on my knees
Since when he’d left me
Now I should not be afraid
Take me wherever you will to be away with you.

Poem: Mango

It is fruit
In Hong Kong they crush it to make pudding
But I’m referring to a fashion brand
For the young and the urban women
Some leave it alone – plus-size unfriendly

I collect their tank tops not because
I like it but the promotion of 3-in-1
Not because of peer pressure
But the thrill to own it – like FBI
profiling the serial killer on the loose

A girl named Mango
She’s allergic to the fruit
Doesn’t dress the brand
And refused to step into any of the outlet
But she became their spokesperson due to her Gisele’s figure

Poem: Confession

You look so fine
How can I make you mine?
Searching for the answer
But I only go further

We look so fine
We don’t meant for each other
Fate hasn’t been our side
Or you’ve found that pretty someone?

I don’t behave like the other girl
My look is common though heart’s for real
Cosmetic makeups never leave her hands
The mask behind the actual façade

For you I will
No worry, surely I can deal
I’ll wait for you, honey
Even if you’re home late

For us you will
Give up this fight for love
Withstanding the temperature
Let’s not wait for rapture

I don’t mean to break my own heart
It’s because you’re so hard to find
A rare breed, populated one in a million’
Why she has to be the lucky one?

When I look at your smile
Typhoon’s gone sunshine’s near
Your eyes penetrated deeply
Draw me into your fantasy

My love is pure
You take it so obscure
There’s no cure for this momentum
Please don’t take it slow

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