Poem: Perfect Fan

I am one in the million
Or billion
I am not as expressive
like others

I heard you were in town
Not going
Hate the crowd and noises
can’t have you for me

I promise not to say
the ‘L’ word
It comes with uninhibited financial support
and lots of it; I can’t afford

I am an imperfect fan
not a stalker
I don’t want to be known as one
no connection between us

You have a sick fan
very sick
Confused and depressed
an unacceptable talented person

Searching for the conglomerate of words
just too smart
Nobody’s willing to give an opportunity
to shine

Continue to create passionately
Believing never too far
Within the reach only the matter of time

We shan’t meet
Wearing the mask made of Clinique
Tell me that you’re imperfect too
So to be at your rank

They say actor is heartless
I say one man’s fortune makes the less for others

– – –

Dear Gems,

Let me take the time to thank each one of you for ‘liking’ and following my blog. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. On the other hand, I’ve been composing lyrics too. So, I may want to start a lyrical poem on weekends only, as some of my followers are musicians. What do you all think?


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