Poem: Tell Me

Tell me how to enter into the dream of yours
so I wouldn’t cause a stir
Tell me how not to wake you from your sleep
so we can continue dreaming
Tell me how I can settle into your crowd
so I won’t be petrified

Tell me not to shiver when you’ve decided to quit
time has come for you to go
Tell me to keep calm when you’ve turned the table
My support is much needed, still
Tell me why I shouldn’t be coiling in my cave
where I truly mean everything to you

Say you’ll never lie when you’ve been cornered
placing me on the dartboard
Say you’ll miss my scent of no mass perfume
your lips between my neck
Say you’ll be the shelter from any harm
erase the lonely word, and then restore it once again –

Are you too stoned to call me yours?
When you have way too many to choose from
Fickle minded to even
pick the right one where there isn’t a right one for you
The girl in your dream. Oh how you really want her!


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