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Poem: Unbroken Valentine

You sing me French lullabies
My unbroken valentine
Bid no goodbye only welcoming
you into my world. From this moment
setting it accurately. No more a stranger

in you, I see sunshine in the twilight
within me, you find it hard to stop talking
Rooftop images of portobello mushroom
The galaxy beyond Rainbow No. Seven
Nearer than a friend, I am not yet a lover

You burned the coffee reading script
Abrasion on your delicate membrane
My lips will unfold the cure you need
Whispering love beneath your breath
Almost a lover, not yet partners-

in-crime that you can summon me
to your Victorian bed. Renaissance is your
middle name. No ocean of broken glass
Feeling naked when you’re beside me
You touch my hand and I come alive.

We still have a long journey
Within them, a curse to continue this romance
Into your eyes I see us taking slow
Standing before you, a struggling writer holding
a basket of walking denial

Your devotion, sheltering my fear
I shiver and cry when your lips on mine.
Our relationship is no cherry ice-cream
Press no forevermore hanging vanilla sky
Chinese spinning wheel shortage of cotton candy

You sing French nursery rhyme on my birthday
The shattered heart I once held hard
Give him a try
The little voice said to me.

Poem: Micro-monologue

No matter, whether
Am I your first?
Fate comes along
May I be your last?
Two less lonely souls
In that one sinful entity

Poem: Sweet Sacrifice

How sweet it is to be loved by you?
Camomile for tranquillity
I’m one of the mass-produce androids
Partake to decode the deadly numerals on my wrist
Free-falling, imponderable
Seated at your right hand, loquaciously
Redolence all that we’ve been
Bowls of blue in psychokinesis
Slots of melancholia in mélange
Wrapped in shantung
Shameless and yet triumphantly

Poem: Red-Blooded

Rainy October night
Here without you, but
I am safe in my own skin
Protected by a four-squared blanket
The one maternal grandma made (stitched)
of polyester fabrics, rainbow colours; loose and agile
I sleep with the lights OFF
Darkness is consuming, slithering IN
Not afraid, never EVER be frightened
Mental faculty of subhuman
Detour – gone were the days that
I only embraced fear and quivering –
Some matters has overtook my life
Hope is what tomorrow brings
Like a red-blooded woman I’ve become one.

Poem: Monologue 00.00.004

Torn between the reasons to conceal
If I can hide then I shouldn’t be here
Right in front of you
Curl like a comrade
Waiting to be lapidated
Say the truth of how I feel
Will you still take me as your friend?
No foul play, in case you wonder
Bring me never to any ordeal
Wrestling with who I actually am
Treat me not like a scum
Reciting Baroque in the dark
Minefield of Chimera strolling hard
Footprints of temporary marks
In my heart – For ever, that eternal start

Poem: Monologue 00.00.003

Love is more than sex
Sex a sudden pleasure
With love and sex
No casual business between
A whore and a customer
Separating sex and love
A man’s mind for one-night-stand
The animality inside us
Unfurnished romance
Surprised given in various corner
No pain, no gain,
No commitment –

Poem: My Prerogative

I choose my Mister Right
Care you not
Poke your nose on my business
Respect me
Privacy in relationship –

Poem: Monologue 00.00.002

Exactly 10 minutes after midnight
I’m waiting for you to log on
The chat that brings happiness,
contentment. For the next hour
Before I go to sleep
That vapourised steamed milk in the mug
My antidote to cure insomnia
I count the clock ticking, patiently
My confident augmented as we talk
Though we haven’t met – face-to-face!

Poem: Sunshine Rain

Melting sweat
Underneath a Victorian umbrella
Patrons at ice-cream parlour
Come and go as they wish
Tango in the lightning rain
Sunray drying the daylight dew
We started the ball rolling
Press not the stop button
Sprinkling blissfulness in the pastoral
The shower of blessing is within you and me

Poem: Monologue 00.00.001

If there’s a will there’s a way to strive
for the best
Hungry in the name of challenges,
A Taurus in the Coliseum.
Dilating sentences
Possessed by the Goddess of Literature (No!)
Dressed like a Greek princess of Epirus
Married the Emperor of Han
Enlightened by the power of conquered throne
Wouldn’t rest, heading miles, don’t meet me
Half way
If you aren’t prepared what you’ve signed up
I ain’t single. I am detached
I am meant for the one of my utmost worthwhile
A big girl needs no empty promises
Unless, dear my love unless
You’ve given up on us –

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