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Poem: Melody To My Soul

If I can hear the humming continue to
terrorise, sweetly – then I have forgiven
you. Moved on, myself a serious
pep-talker. The wait is killing me, for it has
taken the best of me, not you. You hold
the card, be it the indefinite, whether you
have gained those that deserved.

I burn my bucket list, only to re-write them
into a list of red carpet. No celebrity comparable
to it. No hallucination, the melody of my soul.
Cottonwood dabbing indigo honey, tracing your lips.
In the public, media and beloved fans – more
Transparent than paper rice. Yelling, screaming, yapping
But I don’t care – because you, the food to my spirit.

Poem: Finale

This is the last page of my diary
The shelter for pouring rants
I will write ‘til the last line
Without Heaven’s permission or
Hell’s apprehension

This is not the final route
Despite stated by the title
Be not fooled by it
To act ridiculous is a spur
To be spontaneous is a gift that you
are the one with the talent, relentlessly

Here comes –
The last chapter and that
Travelling route of jeggings and pairings,
Fit and Flare dresses added to my collection
Diamond ring is girl’s best friend forever

Shine the light
Brightest and never end; please
Pretty little petite baby
The nick I shall not change
Me – therefore I am!

Poem: Monologue 00.00.010

I love you so much to let you go
A burden you’ve carried, far too long
that it’s time to let you go, and be free
Ourselves, before the grey of sky
unable to find the exact spot
A place for you and me
Not together – separation of 360 degree,
No rules and puns intended

Poem: Freeway

Cruel is what life is
Truth is always hurting
Reset and unwind, in order
to minimise the damages
caused to mankind

Mercy, mercy you and me
Mama’s lecture of benevolence
But this world is not what it seems
The least you expect from people
More of they will take it for granted
My handwriting – cursive like pig’s tail
Why do you care?

Poem: Monologue 00.00.009

Standing, breathing
You’re asleep beside me
Taking down the memory lane
for all we have walked
Bittersweet symphonies –
and sugar-coated lies
I vote for the best day
to come, by all means
take me where ever you desire
Once I am yours, the idiom with
The sound of cymbals in sweet slavery
‘If you marry the chicken or dog,
follow and bear no question.’
My so-called life of beautiful deceit
Not answerable to any soul –

Poem: Misdemeanour Bie

Quitting doesn’t mean I’ve surrendered
From those corrupted radicals

Getting closer to you my ambition
No misery – all about voluntarily
Spilling Americano on your face

Strumming guitar by the Bay
Mistaken a fret for ukulele
Colour blind or product of illiteracy –
Do we ever care?

I stopped crying even in darkness
Pain – still
But there’s a limit, to life
More than salty tears to hang on

I speak my mind
Bullets with no eyes
Shooting like raining arrows
Make a wish, my darling
Next victim for dear Valentino Cupid –

Poem: Over and About

Breathing new air of Pompeii
Diffracted before me
Tell the truth, heart’s pounding
Keep calm, never be over and about
It’s the time to come straight, straight
To be honest to myself –
I only live once!

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