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Poem: Unknown

Jazz symphony’s ringing
the depth of one’s heart
Bedrock that redolent
what’s left behind
Strong like a Mikado
what might-have-been
of a lonely heart
Our expiry date
remonstrate no more
Fated to love you
Are we destined to meet?

Poem: Lack Of

the reason why you’re hurt
I did it spontaneously
No worry about me
I deal with it calmly
I was born for our love
Fate is to meet
the rest remained on
our hardwork to strive

Poem: Senses

Cure me love, or else
allow me to die in
your arms tonight
Sky above shall not
be our witness. Our
grudge should bury
the hatchet. When
you read me D.H. Lawrence

Poem: Aura

I build the fort
with a seed & cup of water
As I lay to sleep
champagne sky to accompany
Fiddling like Celtic mash
Pen and paper above my head
the puddle of blue
converting the virgin hue

Poem: Cut Slice

Molecules running wild
Searching for a place to hide
Somehow it will never find
Another heart and soul to mend
Precise & abstract
love affairs
Protecting not with paper
Bush fire to come anytime
Front route is a blindfold
One step. Mistake. A curse to bear

Poem: Title-less

Blowing softly when
you’ve rejected my MS
once and then twice
I, me; have been accepted


Backdown, no; never
only to brainstorm
I am
Nevertheless –


Poem: Dream Catcher

You find it difficult to take the place
are you feeling happy now?
my day seeing the greener side
inspiration comes from within
that thanking some1 is not enough
I should then shout from the rooftop
shall make amend w/the one I hate
not lately; but a built-up
reveal your good self. Please. Don’t!

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