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Poem: Cry No More

Hands as wide as the ocean
Hair like tentacles splitting ends
Cave-in and craving are different things
He isn’t the only one on earth
You deserve someone better
special; always – not to the extend
of repulsion

Poem: Interlude #4

We’re no stranger
If only I can hear your voice
that saves me from every little thing
If I never want to say goodbye
Can you spell faithfulness
The other way round –

Poem: Interlude #3

Rocking the barricade of lies
My eyes turning crimson
I used to hate but now I’ve learned
to love and to be docile
for the sake of our benefited relationship

Poem: Interlude #2

Poetry to be my signature
Butterflies in stomach
in the washing machine; whipping
Time-travelling in our mindset
Love’s a dream
I’ve overslept

Poem: Interlude #1

Tonight, I’m here again.
I’m not bleeding. Thank God.
Awaiting patiently for you to come on
Not you, in person but your Words
of Wisdom. So hopeful and enthusiastic
I cut my anatomy into half
only to let those words flow into me
I’m not alone.
There’re many, many more –
Nonetheless, I’m the one and only

Poem: Season

Shrubs growing
Blooming field
Deciduous tangibility
Melting cotton
Gracing the wheel of grain

Poem: Monologue 00.00.013

The time will come
when I walk on sunshine
The migration of my
ink runs dehydrated
Laughing at my
indissoluble broken wings
Before my eyes are closed
will you be the last I run my hands on?

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