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Micropoetry #5

Welcoming Him with
open arms and soul,
He who came
to conquer your heart
that’s cold as stone.
Tears –
Calmed –
With His unconditional love.

Micropoetry #4

God sent me an angel,
to help me back on my feet,
He’ll leave once his mission
has accomplished. I then
ask God to bless him with love.

Micropoetry #3

Like an addict,
at the arrival of sunray,
Expecting me to
pen a fresh dignity
beyond the apparition of literature.

Micropoetry #2

Those words you’ve said,
I’m wondering whether I
should call, though I’ve
forgiven you, perhaps,
let fate decide are we to meet

Micropoetry #1

I once loved you,
It doesn’t mean
you have to apologize;
if you didn’t feel the same.
From the bottom of my heart,
I never expect any returns,
But to kiss away your fears.

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