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Micropoetry #46

Purple is the color of creativity,
Maroon represents our sex,
Black is when we kiss, while
we’re moaning to the white anthem.

Micropoetry #45

Her songs are like morphine,
Summertime in autumn love,
Running hard spinning endorphin,
Cloud’s soaring a wounded dove.

Micropoetry #44

Working hard today, honey?
May you’ll find the truest passion,
Please take good care of yourself,
though I’m unable to appear before you,
but I’ve been praying for you all the time
from every corner of auspicious breeze,
Songs from you; spare one for me.

Micropoetry #43

I’m back from the City of Angels,
On my way now to Soul Sheltering,
Fireworks in the Big Apple; blinding
the Maple Leaf that screams like bullet train,
Our black and white photo is beaming;
Unfinished; uncut and unfulfilled —

Micropoetry #42

Musical chairs are full of intelligentsia,
One after another I have to climb,
The one behind me tries to crawl like serpent;
in and out of the rules — my Godfather’s laws,
People ahead looks like domino’s effect,
Waiting for the last one to fall,
Beating the final curtain, close to credit rolling.

Micropoetry #41

Thank you for leaving me,
Thank you for letting me go,
I’ve found another chance to fall in love,
Again, with someone who feels the same,
As easy as stuffing mud in rumble,
Think with thy heart not thy brain,
For once in your life —

Micropoetry #40

Just when I started this feeling,
Please do not let us meet even in the future,
in order to make me less obsessed towards you,
I’m but an angel releasing her dignity.

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