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Poem: The Cure

Melodies in your eyes,
Somewhere over the rainbow I’ll find,
Looking in ’til I’m blind,
Take good care of my tears

in between Mother Nature and you.
Ebony and ivory keys are playing
at the back of my mind. No fame & fortune
only the price carrying innocent

molecules going wild
in the heart once so shy.
Say you will be mine,
You will know the right time.

Micropoetry #10

Heaven forbid you to
end up alone and sad.
How far you could go
to give yourself away?
To give up this fight?
I am here so that
We can face it with courage.

Micropoetry #5

Welcoming Him with
open arms and soul,
He who came
to conquer your heart
that’s cold as stone.
Tears –
Calmed –
With His unconditional love.

Poem: Anniversary I

I start the day by rushing to the nearest café
for a soy milk latte. When the darkness consumes
the starlight, I’ll stop working on my manuscripts
and submitting to a quick bite before stomach acid
has rolled in. Cindy the cashier was fascinated
with the tiny-bottle-like locket around my neck.
“It looks like quicksand how adorable.”
As friendly as she was, I preferred to talk less
due to her musky perfume.

The time of this day, I had our favourite song
humming inside my head. Like a ghost of the past,
I imagined your voice breathed into this room.
How could I forget that day when we first met;
two people came thus far to a fateful place?
It was never premeditated. It just happened when
we reached for the similar maple leaf, right under
the Gastown steam clock. Your warmest smile and
those deep eyes were an invitation to treat.

Poem: Funny How

the term meant to be
usually crosses someone
else’s mind, in a spur of
moment. Watching the bond
that has been shrouded with
faithless grasp, mending the way
out, cutting the queue w/out
giving a second thought.
Someone who’ll never
ever know what he’d said –
so ignorant and isn’t a bliss
after all they hadn’t started
the pain to fix own’s broken-
heart. Ode to the friendship
that is in the midst of blooming
Segregation is a must when
there’s another factor to deal;
unforeseeable at first; but then
the weight is beyond repair
so one has to choose to stay
while I rather leave this space
to create an empty fixture for
anyone’s pleasure and merry-making

Poem: Merlion Dollars

It comes with a price
through a third party – telecommunication
My bank account in your grasp
Sweep it under rug
Flush them to the straits
You speak with kindness
Bath me with stream
of fortune. By shutting my mouth
But we are the Legion
Blood collector and witnesses
Spitting tadpoles and baby snakes
at the stand before reconciliation

Poem: Cry No More

Hands as wide as the ocean
Hair like tentacles splitting ends
Cave-in and craving are different things
He isn’t the only one on earth
You deserve someone better
special; always – not to the extend
of repulsion

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