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Happy Belated Birthday

I received a rejected letter from a literary journal a day after I turned 34. If my work were to get published, then this would be one of the loveliest birthday gifts from the publishing world. Frankly speaking, I don’t mind rejection letters. I’ve gotten them so much that I can make collage on the wall. It’s part of growing up as a writer. It helps me (the writers) to grow-up and mature before we are accepted by one of the top-five publishing houses.

Now, the editor commented the lack in its ‘form, structure and plot’. And she’s willing to help me to polish it up, so that I’m ‘always welcome to re-submit’ to the journal again. Fine. I did as she told. It’s approaching a week or so, and I have yet to hear from her.

‘When there’s a will, there’s a way.’

Right. ‘That’ isn’t the only journal that’s available in this world. I can never blocking the door, idly standing there. I have to move on, not that I still have my legs that functioning, but I’m not going to waste anymore time. I’ve already submitted it to another literary mag, and had other alternative online journals in mind, as well.

Somehow, the feminism theory that I’d studied in the Jurisprudence class has kept me going ’til this day.

Poem: Happy Birthday, My Darling

For a Lovely Kid

Four tall candles three little ones
Twenty-first is the day
I shall remember ‘til I’ve been summoned back to Heaven
You always have a place in my heart
Surrender all of you to me
We’ve made the vow to respect with spaces
to love faithfully
and to understand who we really are
I shall not betray if there comes a day we shall be apart
But I trust that we won’t

You are the man to cultivate the woman in me
Come hold me, come
No one, no one in this room but us
Cheek to cheek, arm to arm
Ambience dims to the lowest
The time has come for us
Leave the world behind
In this room of a strange plain scent
We haven’t done this for a long time
I kiss your mouth and say

“Happy birthday, my darling
My everything.”

Poem: Close Your Eyes, Darling

For a Lovely Kid

I am all over you
I will be here; won’t break you
I am never to leave you
I will be sure not to press you

Too much that you’ve complained
With you I can’t restrain

Paint the town together
Paint my skin together
Paint our love
Together, not our time

Take it in adagio
The singing with no partial

I am there all the while
Love of no alteration
Follow my heart not my head
You are the last for me –
I knew I loved you
Before we even met

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