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Poem: One Hundred Days

Velvet sky of disclosure,
We have been two-thousand
and four-hundred hours apart,
Scars are so brand new, still —
I have been breathing hard
lately. Only then I learn to be
stronger, like I have promised you
before your last breath that I will
never give up. Never for Mama and myself —
I will not cry the same tears,
But it will be of different taste. Someday
another new chapter
when a vow is exchanged
with the One who loves me. —

Micropoetry #7

Coffee’s turning cold
Eyes met no more
Say something, please.
Even if you don’t love me.
But then I know; for sure
When one door’s closes,
another will open.

Poem: Melody To My Soul

If I can hear the humming continue to
terrorise, sweetly – then I have forgiven
you. Moved on, myself a serious
pep-talker. The wait is killing me, for it has
taken the best of me, not you. You hold
the card, be it the indefinite, whether you
have gained those that deserved.

I burn my bucket list, only to re-write them
into a list of red carpet. No celebrity comparable
to it. No hallucination, the melody of my soul.
Cottonwood dabbing indigo honey, tracing your lips.
In the public, media and beloved fans – more
Transparent than paper rice. Yelling, screaming, yapping
But I don’t care – because you, the food to my spirit.

Poem: The Prayer

Dear Heaven & Earth,

Heal my soul
Save me from this fire,
Grant me peace
May the world is the greater
place to live

No hell on earth.
Nurse my depression
Treat it with kindness
A pardoning heart
Propounding secrecy with love


Poem: Chessboard

My soul is on
Your chessboard
Have to think of
An escape route
No more
By you

I shouldn’t have
loved you
if it wasn’t that
then I wouldn’t
see so clearly. I don’t blame you
Blessed that
I’ve let it go

An unfinished glass of Merlot
A smile to accompany
before I sleep

Lips taste like Americano
The one you used to drink
After our love-making

Poem: Substitute

Tell me how not to love you
No more pain between us
Get it over, once and for all
Repay my love

You’ve been in my dream
all along
tears for accompaniment
before going to sleep

I’m her substitute
My nakedness is your fairground
No matter how I’ve begged
Will you let me go?

How could I let you go?

Poem: Sad Letter

Grounded by you
My heart is in your embrace
Lacking is your warmth
Thinking of you wherever you are

The letter you sent
I received it today
On my palm it rests

Quietly reading
The sound of air-con humming

With tears falling

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