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Poem: Breathing Underwater

Breathing underwater with you
We’re almost lover
Paragliding across the skyline.

Wind sweeps under my feet
Teardrops like waterfall
Woman cries for her child.

Hell, I don’t believe
that your love is my drug
My faith is thy eternity.

Steampunk in Qin Dynasty
Swaying Kung-Fu gently
Silver-fox on the electric goal.

Poem: Monologue 00.00.001

If there’s a will there’s a way to strive
for the best
Hungry in the name of challenges,
A Taurus in the Coliseum.
Dilating sentences
Possessed by the Goddess of Literature (No!)
Dressed like a Greek princess of Epirus
Married the Emperor of Han
Enlightened by the power of conquered throne
Wouldn’t rest, heading miles, don’t meet me
Half way
If you aren’t prepared what you’ve signed up
I ain’t single. I am detached
I am meant for the one of my utmost worthwhile
A big girl needs no empty promises
Unless, dear my love unless
You’ve given up on us –

Poem: The Candidate (II)

She was made to lie down
A thin ragged man with crooked mouth came to her
Legs spread, cold slippery object enters her
The man sinisterly pats her head.

A carmine silk cloth covers her
Head hangs low. Don’t look upward!

Doors creak.
Footsteps getting closer.

The scent of a man –
Cloth separated.
Caressing her face.

Darkness still wraps around her
Fairly sedated –

His lips confess a linger
Hands and fingertips like hungry beast
Cheek to cheek
Breasts hardened –

Before them seated her in-law,
Presenting a white cloth of tainted patch
Red liquids represent her chastity
Caused by his deflowering act

A harem that housed gazillion concubines
Complicated relationships and
An institution to polish a woman’s scorn!

Poem: The Candidate (I)

To catch a fish in the air
Think about it until the cow comes home
Laughter everywhere
This girl knows no limit in stupefy dream.

She is invited to the Harem
Cultural shocked to see the rest
Girls; young and old
Boys; very few but effeminate

A man and woman
Dressed in black cloak
Castrate the males to be eunuchs
Short-listing those females –

She is a ripe peach
To the dark,
Dark chamber she was sent
Huge as her living hall

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