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Poem: Stiletto Named Denim

Dedicated to my ex-flame and Eileen of A Sleeping Haiku

I saw it, a beautiful one. But the price a killer; you took it and asked me not to look at the Ringgit and put it on

You loved the open toes concept; you want me to wear only this. Others will get your discrimination. You took the photo; uploaded to your screensaver

But it chained my movements, my ankles break, I refused to wear after the first fall, you blamed me for wasting

The straps were murderer, unable to ignore. You promised to walk the miles with me and carry me home…

And now I’ve lived with regret, I should have worn it a little longer. Shouldn’t make the decision that quick, should have…

How stupid could I be? Listen to your spellbinding words. Avalanche of emptiness, only pointing fingers

At me, on me and to me – endlessly
It spells ‘elegant’ but now a eulogy

Paints were chirping apart answering the prayer of my heart. In crooked manner, I broke them like I did to your love

Refused to be your strings-attached-puppet, your sour lips and roadkill fingertips, dancing like a musical ballerina in my shadow

My legs were dismembered, pretending to be bulimic, throwing up at your feet while eating Chinese with you

On 09/09/2005, away the denim shoes into the dump after we’ve broke-up, reminding me of your possessiveness

Now that they were gone, gone with the obsessive attitude. It used to be my death row. But it moulded me to be the better am.

Poem: The Unknown (II)


We’ve met before ten years ago,
I stood three rows away from you,
You looked my way but no expression,
I was with my unscrupulous lover,
We then fast forward to present.


You’re well-known and prolific,
I’m in the boulevard of struggling dream,
‘Be patient with steadfastness’, you said.
I will not give up this, not a chance,
Wondering will we ever met, face-to-face.

Poem: The Unknown

I learn about you every night,
I comment on your message board,
I wish you well before bedtime,
I only hope the best for you,
I will be happy if you are, too.
Two like-minded souls,
Not destined to be.

Poem: Twosome

Cold rainy afternoon
Hot glutinous dumpling
In my hands
Mung bean soup
By my side
As I taste
Thinking of you
As I sip
Wondering of you
Where you’ll be
Tasting her lips
She embraces you
One on one
Sleeping on bed
He is here
Hands on mine
Lean on him
Lips on his
He’s my shelter
Afraid no more

– – –

Dear Gems,

Thanks a lot for all the ‘likes’ and following. This is not my usual entry. This is what I had for lunch and I decided to write about it, poetically.

Poem: The Banyan Branches

Under the wishing tree,
When will he ever come?
The knight of breastplate armour,
How will he looked like?
The answer relies on the wishing tree.

Merry go’ round the wishing tree,
Lips trembling, making a wish,
Chanting mantra in diagonal truth,
Where’s my knight?
He is inside you all the while.

– – –

Once again, I want to thank all of you who have ‘liked’ my yesterday’s entry, and also have been following my blog. It’s my pleasure to announce that my site had achieved 100 Likes! Thanks to each one of you.

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