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Poem: The Prayer

Dear Heaven & Earth,

Heal my soul
Save me from this fire,
Grant me peace
May the world is the greater
place to live

No hell on earth.
Nurse my depression
Treat it with kindness
A pardoning heart
Propounding secrecy with love


Poem: Incorrigible

Crushing in
Waving the truth
Life is meaningful
Get stoned for life
Wasted the fountain of youth
Intoxicated and ecstasy
pills, Amphetamines
Countless of popping in and out
Who’s listening?


Poem: Blind

No reply
They’re no where

Dead people
Untraceable and incomplete

Despising you
Taking for granted

Loud noises
can’t be seen

Disjointed limbs
Stitching takes time

Blind people
in merry go round

Poem: September Candle Rose

Another anniversary
Not a celebration
Twelve years a history – unforgotten

I don’t know much about this
I wasn’t there
But I feel the pain they felt

The last second
before their last breath
What were in their head?

No survivors
The escaped without a route
Perished souls buried in debris

No play of reincarnation
Virgil prayers for peaceful rest
Memories engraving tombs

Candle continues burning
in the month of eleventh
Mediums whispering to the dead

Justice served
with the death of uncountable
Photographs gripping tightly

Sons and daughters
Fathers and mothers
Husbands and wives – victims listed

Still celebrating black
Christmas, Valentine’s, Birthdays, Hanukkah
Eyes blinded by tears

Love blossoms
Amongst the affected families
Their portrait tattooed in heart

– – –

Thanks for all your concern. I’m supposed to be on a break. In conjunction with this day that we shouldn’t forget. I’ve written a tribute poem to mark for this day. A day that none of us will forget.

A Note for My Dearest Gems

Dear Gems,

It has been a week I didn’t blog. However, it wasn’t on purpose that I was on a ‘vacation’. This morning I log onto the internet to check on emails and read what’s been trending. And when they say expect the unexpected is usually something good, but I received another rejection letter on my novel submission from one of the US agents.

My actual vacation of being away from the net was due to my maniac stress/depression disorder. I had mild Bipolar Disorder, too. So for the past one week without internet and any white noises, only prayers, rest, relaxing and meditation. I’m doing quite well now. Well, is anybody still reading this? Or had rejected me like others did? I’m practically used to it. Frankly, who can receive rejections over and over again?

So this is a short note to inform that I will be back next week, while at the meantime I have been writing lots of poems for redemption.

‘Til then signing off with much love…

Haiku: Disturbed

I suffer from depression,
They disbelieve and laugh,
They suffered comprehensive malfunction.

Poem: Writer’s Gap (Part II)

So you’ve got the passion!
Insomnia because of writing!

You need the patience!
Longer it brews, more aromatic it goes!

When perseverance plays the part!
Kicking and walking with basket of denial!

Pray to God to unclog the passage!
Time’s running out; waits for no one!

Essential part of a writing process!
Like making love to flower a relationship!

Blame, hate, torture and discriminate!
Press the calm button to face reality!

Individuality that counts!
I spell impeccably during Great Depression!

Bestsellers produce two-three books yearly!
May or may not be the GAP’s slave!

If bestsellers engage ghost writers!
The latter will suffer no wording’s block!

They’re the unseen under the ray of literary world!
Blessed for I am mortal in the realm of immortality!

– – –

Dear Gems,

Please stay tune for more poems! It’s weekend and I’m setting the bar higher! Love you all!

Poem: Writer’s Gap (Part I)

Boycott GAP to loosen the gap!
Wear GAP to kill creativity!

Clear the blockage of facet!
Halving cerebral like peaches pie!

Fingers typing lollapalooza!
Split-ends hair takes no pity!

What a ridiculous thought!
The effect of rejection letters!

Hard copies in your mailbox!
The editor said to you!

‘Pass the first submission
kick out in round two deliberation!’

So my work is a pain!
Then why should you write back!

Soft copies inside electronic inbox!
Unless you print it! Why bother!

Collection for your grand-children!
Suckling, discouraging rejections!

Better still! Recycle! Delete!
Feed the sewage underground!

Poem: Intoxication

Sleepless and restless night,
Crying to shut my sight,
My mind spinning like whirlpool.
Trying to control
before acting like a fool,
Something in me still haunting,
Like a river flowing endlessly,

Questioning myself,
Playing tricks with my emotion,
Complicated and of twisted imagination,
My reflection beneath my action,
Speak softly and whispering to you,
Do you know the real me?

Why l have to love you?
Tell me l shouldn’t,
Then I’ll be lost,
Give me the courage to say
that l love and can never lose you,
Feel me with your heartbeat,
Kissing your sweet lips,
My desire running wild,
Hopelessly addicted to you,
l wish that’s me
when you were lying down with her.

Look in your eyes when the morning comes,
What was there beneath the sheets?
In thousands pint of venomous epidemic
How can l express my feelings?
Will you turn me away?
Where am l to be?
l feel sorry for myself,
Forgive me for l am wrong;
Promises you made
Shall put yourself into shame,
Never ask me how to love her,
For l will break down and cry.

l wouldn’t recognize my own tears
or pain l suffered,
Darkness shadowed my soul,
World has been through changes,
Two person in a separate condition,
Confused by your unpredictable thoughts,
I’m in your path of intoxication.

Au Natural Antidepressants

Endorphins are the answer.

They’re produce by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, similarly to opiates, for feeling well-being. Besides laughter, there’re others like exercise, consumption of spicy food, excitement, pain, love and…orgasm, which can be found in endorphins. At some point, endorphin can be found in stress. Remember, there’re good stress around to keep our mind going.

So, how to combat the bad stress?

1) Talk it out to someone you trusted, or join an organisation/groups. If you may get socialise…

2) Sleep, sleep and sleep. I couldn’t repeat it further. If you think tomorrow you’re going to replenish your yesterday’s forsaken sleep, no way. It’s difficult to tackle it. Unless someone invented a time-travel machine.

3) It leads to depression – so eat appropriately – like drink soy milk instead of caffeinated drinks. Let’s say if you’re an avid coffee drinker, try to limit the consumption in a cup a day only. If you quit it totally, the effect can be worst. So one step at a time.

4) Pep-talk. It’s mind over matters. Your mind is the headquarter of your body. It’s time to act wise and let your brain do the talking rather than using your heart all the time. I’m not saying follow your heart is bad. But the mind and heart must come into a term in order to convince one self.

5) Write it out. If you don’t write a journal. That’s okay. Blogging may be a waste of time, so you can have Facebook or Twitter. But once again, be wise here for you don’t want to lash everything out and then regret later. We’re reasonable and prudent adult here. So, act like one.

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