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Poem: Mind Paralysis

Little by little;
dripping ’em in the jar
namely full of hope with no despair,
I can do thousands per day;
while some couldn’t even in a month,
Blame not the weather
that is of porn-interested mentality
Paralyzes —

Poem: Say What?

What if I don’t dress like my age
where everyone does? What about
an elderly woman who fit to be
a grandmother who dressed like a whore
is crawling towards —

my dream lover,
who is holding another girl.
I cry and cry ripping that fur.
Get him over. One day I will.
But for now, please allow me
to grief —

Poem: Anniversary II

I asked him what’s the purpose of the maple leaf,
in a spur of moment. He grinned, I didn’t utter a word.
Instead, he asked me to go ahead and laugh.
He doesn’t mind. Most people think collecting maple
leaves being ridiculous and gay.

Coincidentally, we stayed in the same hostel,
but in a different dormitory. He insisted to treat
me breakfast the next day. Tim Hortons was two blocks away.

We walked in, there was a couple
sitting opposite our direction, who professed his love
to this girl. She asked the boy to prove his love to her?
The boy was perplexed. The girl then began showing her sinister grin.
The boy took the plate of an unfinished sandwich from the next table
and ate it in front of her. While I was disgusted by this sick joke,
he whispered. “Look at how romantic those lovebirds are.”

During dinner, he ate like a glutton and then drank himself away,
digesting bottles after bottles of alcoholic fermented malt.
We spent a night at the Waterfront Station,
sleeping on the bench. As we were on our way back to the hostel,
the only word he said was I’m sorry.

Poem: The Prayer

Dear Heaven & Earth,

Heal my soul
Save me from this fire,
Grant me peace
May the world is the greater
place to live

No hell on earth.
Nurse my depression
Treat it with kindness
A pardoning heart
Propounding secrecy with love


Poem: Life

If there’s a chance to love again
I will choose wisely besides following my heart
If there’s a time to voice my opinion
I think not only me but the rest

Life has a beginning but ending isn’t always happy
Be contented is the way back to basic
The more you hope for; the worst may come to you
I’m not being pessimistic. This is what I’ve been

You don’t know my strength until you brew me dry
When I rise I’ll soar directly like an eagle to the sky

Poem: Perfect Fan

I am one in the million
Or billion
I am not as expressive
like others

I heard you were in town
Not going
Hate the crowd and noises
can’t have you for me

I promise not to say
the ‘L’ word
It comes with uninhibited financial support
and lots of it; I can’t afford

I am an imperfect fan
not a stalker
I don’t want to be known as one
no connection between us

You have a sick fan
very sick
Confused and depressed
an unacceptable talented person

Searching for the conglomerate of words
just too smart
Nobody’s willing to give an opportunity
to shine

Continue to create passionately
Believing never too far
Within the reach only the matter of time

We shan’t meet
Wearing the mask made of Clinique
Tell me that you’re imperfect too
So to be at your rank

They say actor is heartless
I say one man’s fortune makes the less for others

– – –

Dear Gems,

Let me take the time to thank each one of you for ‘liking’ and following my blog. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. On the other hand, I’ve been composing lyrics too. So, I may want to start a lyrical poem on weekends only, as some of my followers are musicians. What do you all think?

Poem: Blind

No reply
They’re no where

Dead people
Untraceable and incomplete

Despising you
Taking for granted

Loud noises
can’t be seen

Disjointed limbs
Stitching takes time

Blind people
in merry go round

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