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Micropoetry #16

When someone’s on medication,
All spoken words are not true,
Sick to the core; with incurable disease,
A lover mould by you in robotic disorder.

Poem: Stiletto Named Denim

Dedicated to my ex-flame and Eileen of A Sleeping Haiku

I saw it, a beautiful one. But the price a killer; you took it and asked me not to look at the Ringgit and put it on

You loved the open toes concept; you want me to wear only this. Others will get your discrimination. You took the photo; uploaded to your screensaver

But it chained my movements, my ankles break, I refused to wear after the first fall, you blamed me for wasting

The straps were murderer, unable to ignore. You promised to walk the miles with me and carry me home…

And now I’ve lived with regret, I should have worn it a little longer. Shouldn’t make the decision that quick, should have…

How stupid could I be? Listen to your spellbinding words. Avalanche of emptiness, only pointing fingers

At me, on me and to me – endlessly
It spells ‘elegant’ but now a eulogy

Paints were chirping apart answering the prayer of my heart. In crooked manner, I broke them like I did to your love

Refused to be your strings-attached-puppet, your sour lips and roadkill fingertips, dancing like a musical ballerina in my shadow

My legs were dismembered, pretending to be bulimic, throwing up at your feet while eating Chinese with you

On 09/09/2005, away the denim shoes into the dump after we’ve broke-up, reminding me of your possessiveness

Now that they were gone, gone with the obsessive attitude. It used to be my death row. But it moulded me to be the better am.

Poem: Blind

No reply
They’re no where

Dead people
Untraceable and incomplete

Despising you
Taking for granted

Loud noises
can’t be seen

Disjointed limbs
Stitching takes time

Blind people
in merry go round

Poem: September Candle Rose

Another anniversary
Not a celebration
Twelve years a history – unforgotten

I don’t know much about this
I wasn’t there
But I feel the pain they felt

The last second
before their last breath
What were in their head?

No survivors
The escaped without a route
Perished souls buried in debris

No play of reincarnation
Virgil prayers for peaceful rest
Memories engraving tombs

Candle continues burning
in the month of eleventh
Mediums whispering to the dead

Justice served
with the death of uncountable
Photographs gripping tightly

Sons and daughters
Fathers and mothers
Husbands and wives – victims listed

Still celebrating black
Christmas, Valentine’s, Birthdays, Hanukkah
Eyes blinded by tears

Love blossoms
Amongst the affected families
Their portrait tattooed in heart

– – –

Thanks for all your concern. I’m supposed to be on a break. In conjunction with this day that we shouldn’t forget. I’ve written a tribute poem to mark for this day. A day that none of us will forget.

Poem: Bolster

Caressing you into my dream
You came alive by the stream
Dressed like Lincoln by the Clockwork Steam
Your arms around me like tentacles cream
Kissing me, sweet and yet, dimmed –

Can’t wait for midnight; you and I
Pouring all my sadness tonight
Sharing happiness within our sight
On the bed; our home you’re the kind
How I wish you are my Mister Right?

Poem: Fever

‘Have we met before? Pardon me;
I just had a fever that wiped most of my memory.’

“Can we be together? Excuse me;
I had a blood clot that may constitute amnesia anytime.”

Let’s start this feverish romance before we forget each other
by imprint it in our heart instead.

Haiku: Disturbed

I suffer from depression,
They disbelieve and laugh,
They suffered comprehensive malfunction.

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