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Flash fiction: If This Is How It Ends

Sneak preview of If This Is How it Ends

“A woman in pauper dress ambled into the colonial room with a Monogram suitcase. She glimpsed at the man with pot-belly aka The Boss.”

Thank you for all your support, my beautiful people

Much love…

Flash fiction: The Capitals

Sneak preview of The Capitals: –

“By the time we have come to the mid-end of this underground shelter, it will ultimately reflect who we truly are. In handcuffed, we carefully put on our headphone, be sure to single-out the most heartfelt soundtrack that later will become our emotional anthem.”

I have committed to write one flash fiction fortnightly.

Thank you for all your support, my beautiful people.

Much love…

Poem: When Happiness Fades

Collecting pieces of my broken heart,
Has been torn apart since l last heard,
That you are far – Never for me to touch,
You left me here in this haunted couch.
Life is beautiful, but you took it away,
Everything is perfect, before you stay,
Thought I’ll never lose you to a devil’s bet,
Still we’re separated due to her set.

Regret to be the one you used to cherish,
Faithless as l am when you give me no bliss,
Prayers for you; Became cursed and damned,
That you will have no life to this attempt.
Curtain of depression,
Setting the stage of no expression,
I’m counting the days to your soul-departure,
Here, l prepared your funeral to my greatest adventure.

Sadness came from deep-within,
My love for you,
I’m not keen,
My desire for this relationship;
Ended without phrases,
That my life is not to be blamed.
Please release me,
To love you is already my past.

Church bells ring,
Hymns of innocence – Meant for serenity,
Waiting for someone to save me,
From this hell-bound situation I’m in,
Singing the pace in moderato,
Whispering words though the alley,
I’m steadfast to what l may be in my page,
For you to gain no authority towards my passage.

– – –

I would love to thank all of you who have clicked the ‘like’ button, and/or following my blog. I really makes my day when I was running errands outside, coming home checking my email and W.O.W! What can I say more?

One Man’s Meat…

is another man’s poison.

This isn’t about food but WRITING.

You may think that plate of food is sucks, while your friend is poking his/her nose into it. Same goes to writing. You may think this particular book sucks, but the one next to you feels the connection with the storyline.


Say yes with me for I’m waving my all four limbs in the sky now.

Now you may think some bestsellers might not be as good as they actually sounds like. Again, it’s like food. It’s based on word of mouth. Going viral. You go to the new restaurant, try on the food because you’ve read good reviews. So, you want to give it a try. No harm. It’s practically reasonable. So the scenario applies to a book. You’ve read the reviews. Good-good ones. And then so many people rush to buy it until it hit your favourite book stores top selling list. You want to be part of the buyer and you did. The best part – it’s a great read. You stay up so late to finish it. The worst part is when you stop half-way.

Not because you need a break, but you’re tired of the writing/storyline, other factors apply. And then you’re rushing it to finish (speed reading comes in) because you want to make your cents worth. Like ‘I’ve finished the book!’ You chuck it aside. Swearing that not to touch it again.

That’s sad but TRUE.

The Blue Bird

That’s TWITTER I mean.

Thank you for following me. But the moment I don’t auto-follow, I can see the diminishing effect of my ‘un-following’ list. Now, what’s going on and what point I’m making you’re asking?

Again, I want to thank all of you who’d followed.

In fact, I don’t ALWAYS auto-follow.

See the caption?

What if you’re following other celebrities and they’re not doing the same to your account? Are you going to stop following them also? The answer probably is a ‘no’ because you’re interested in them.

Of course, I welcome all your answers. Rant it out if you may…

I’m currently reading ‘The Cell’ by Stephen King.

Other than that, I’m getting used to people ‘following’ and ‘unfollowing’.

Who’s in my guest list?

In today’s entry, if it were to come true. I have to buy an Elizabethan chandeliar hanging exactly above a few Victorian small dining stand (positioned in the middle), because I’m inviting a group of people, dead or alive, actual or fictitious, to supper. Yes, with lots of booster available…

First of all, I’m inviting all those whom I’m following and followers on Twitter, except publishing houses (pls send one of your rep editor over), Sylvia Plath, Kurt Cobain, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Within Temptation…

Anyone who supports and love me for me…

And then I’ll have Amy Winehouse and Kelly Clarkson to entertain us.

Oh, how could I forget, my two wonderful and cooperative ‘Mister Inspiration’ holding different characters in my stories.

‘Til then, I’ll make sure to put on my low-back black lace tube dress, calling myself Countess for the night.


It just came into my mind when I was thinking about the subject title.

No. I’m talking about horror fiction.

I always think Pinhead is slightly handsome than Freddy Krueger. I mean who wants to look at a man third degree burns, eyes bulging and fingers made of blades/scissors. Am I a BDSM lover for eyeing at Pinhead? Well, pain isn’t a pleasure for me unless I’ve bottom-up a bottle of morphine. But if you were to ask who am I inviting to dinner, I’ll pick both cos’ Freddy is vulnerable in reality and I’ll be sure to put on a catwoman suit when talking to Pinhead, serving him with morphine driving him all over the moon.

One of the horror author has blogged a phrase – Write what you fear.

My fear for now is psychological horror.

Think Saw.

Jigsaw can be cute but the storyline really drive me up the wall.

Oh, I still can’t get over any series of ‘The Exorcist’. It’s still my #1 fear…

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