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Poem: Love

doesn’t need to say you’re sorry,
It has no right or wrong,
And it doesn’t ask the reason why
this is happening to you and me,
It comes straight from the heart,
like sweeping feet across the ocean wide,
whether or not you and I are ready,
The distance between us is set to determine,
a crucial test; an endurance
of what is worth the fight,
It could be an endless makeshift,
Beautiful tricks played by fateful chemistry,
If I would to make a wish tonight,
Dear my love, take me to wherever you may be.

Poem: Natural

A smile upon my face,
Knowingly you’re beside me,
Will not be lonely; not anymore;
tossing and turning on this large bed,
Dancing fingertips on my skin —

You’re blowing bubble gum
in this unlimited summer,
while I am melting chocolate
in the pot. We plan to play
fondue in front of our unborn children.

Micropoetry #46

Purple is the color of creativity,
Maroon represents our sex,
Black is when we kiss, while
we’re moaning to the white anthem.

Poem: State of Seduction

Fabric on your fingertips
On my forehead, your lips pressing
Delicately, and then I cry

silently, not to break it
Gripping my hand to your chest
Love to be made and to last.

Long, long time since I feel
That alive mode kicking in when
I send my soul into high-flying

Last night’s Whisky and cigarette
Your smell on the mouthpiece
River flowing without your presence

Eyes close, releasing that painful grudge
Holding onto that foe. Piercing feeling
Of razor edge in the state of seduction

He’s over the moon, I can’t bear
Touching him like there’s no tomorrow
Flipping the Book of Revelation, taking in,
Out and over the Karma Sutra

Poem: Uninvited

Lying on the chaise longue
Eyes widely shut
Missing is your audacious scent
Streetlights ain’t working
Crickets hiding, raining heavily

Lying in a Scorpion pose
Blanket holding to my breast
Flip over I found myself in nakedness
Raw, aching and deprived
Upholding tears with steadfastness

Another side, your arms around me
Tracing the outline of your face
Draw me closer, breathe onto me
Alone; so afraid to fall asleep
Tenderly kissing you with my all

Poem: The Unknown (III)

My unscrupulous lover thought I’ve gone crazy,
When I insisted he brought my camera for photos development,
He said they were all been exposed to sunlight,
Fortunately, I’ve developed another photo of you,
Full-portrait with faux fur vest; half-naked!

Poem: Bolster

Caressing you into my dream
You came alive by the stream
Dressed like Lincoln by the Clockwork Steam
Your arms around me like tentacles cream
Kissing me, sweet and yet, dimmed –

Can’t wait for midnight; you and I
Pouring all my sadness tonight
Sharing happiness within our sight
On the bed; our home you’re the kind
How I wish you are my Mister Right?

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