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Poem: This and Every Other Nights

This heart I had opened to let you in,
Stay with me for as long as you wish,
I can always walk away
but here I am choose to believe.
Though the fear is suffocating,
You cast them all away, I don’t know how
but you did it like no one has ever attempted.

I see our footprints on the sand,
In this leap of faith, I’m with you
to walk the eggshell path,
Our hands and feet are bound,
With memories, these hearts beat aloud.

In the brink of darkness, our tears
eager to weave through a second chance,
It’s all so clear that happiness is ahead of us,
Tomorrow is ours to partake. A toast to every sunrise
and sunset that had surpassed,
count them with our faith and in Him we shall trust.

Poem: Someone Else’s Loneliness

Kiss when your cigarette’s dying
Sing when my eyes are laughing
This weekend dress I’m putting on
Zip the ribbon that turns you on —

Name our child over the cereal bowl
Cross the thorny continents
Miles and miles to prove my worth
only to realise you’re uneasy to find —

Black is where love has gone to hide
Weaving into this messy trail to fight
each of our phony confession
like orphans of forgotten loneliness.

Poem: Intact

This beautiful mistake;
a temporary shelter,
I’m morally intact
like a devil-may-care.

Poem: Ecstasy

Twisting laces on the floor
Cold and wild,
I fall asleep again
in your hazy memory.

Poem: Impulse

I wash melancholy
with summertime ashes
I was lying on your mattress
counting the shantung eclipse
with our fingers, eyes and
lips — anywhere.

Poem: Headstrong

‘He’ stands for hypocrite,
You are my constant yearning,
We strive for the imbalance
to gather differences & similarities,
I should drink myself to sleep,
and deal with whatsoever; if
tomorrow would to visit me — too soon.

Poem: When I Was Knocked Upside Out

Fairy tales are make believe,
Happily ever after should exist,
If only faithfulness did not
turn into betrayal and dishonesty.
Infidelity is today’s featured film.

In order to be in a relationship,
I have to fall in love; and be in love,
Even if I were in a relationship,
I still don’t believe in love —

Do you think I’m worth for your night?
If you were in my shoes, would you
ever empathized a broken mirror wall?
Awaiting for someone to love —
why not we start by loving ourselves?

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