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Flash fiction: What Came Alive Before Me

Sneak preview of What Came Alive before Me

“I have shut myself from tonight’s prime time talk show. If your love that had long expired; now fervently returns to claim the stained canvas and crystal white palette from the store down the street that buys and sells second-hand goods.”

Thank you for all your support, my beautiful people

Much love…

Flash fiction: Jet-lagged

Sneak preview of Jet-lagged

“There was a reminder of that cold wind that had taken over the summer breeze. Once our footprints were swept by the ocean, are we still able to memorize what we’ve shared?”

Thank you for all your support, my beautiful people

Much love…

Poem: Intact

This beautiful mistake;
a temporary shelter,
I’m morally intact
like a devil-may-care.

Poem: Ecstasy

Twisting laces on the floor
Cold and wild,
I fall asleep again
in your hazy memory.

Poem: On Wall

This picture
exists due to your
unending words and magic,
Our scents in carousel —
Pain subsides; bursting twilight.

Poem: Impulse

I wash melancholy
with summertime ashes
I was lying on your mattress
counting the shantung eclipse
with our fingers, eyes and
lips — anywhere.

Poem: Headstrong

‘He’ stands for hypocrite,
You are my constant yearning,
We strive for the imbalance
to gather differences & similarities,
I should drink myself to sleep,
and deal with whatsoever; if
tomorrow would to visit me — too soon.

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