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Lyrical Poetry: Finest Keeper

Sipping Vodka on this old piano,
Flickering lashes upon our lips,
Going side by side along the pole,
Roses are meant for damsel in distress,
Have you been sending me a lot lately?

Enjoy flirting with these melodies,
I scent our dangerous love,
Let them fall upon us come what may,
You hold the key to my scar,
Unlock it — tell me what I should learn from.

Fumbling happiness on a Russian Roulette,
Trapped within her labyrinth,
Flipping love and paper cutting my thumb,
Are you the one I call home?
There you are; holding my hand with courage.

Lyrical Poetry: Itching For Love

Walking under the rain tonight,
Back to the night you left me,
Unable to reach out to you,
My arms shiver; unreachable.

Here the cramps are making its rounding,
Like we’ve returned to the basic,
After all have been drenched and over with,
But my soul’s not for you to share.

Brokenness I’ve gotten it sedated,
Emptiness that I shall not give a damn,
If I’m lonely I can start the game,
But I won’t hurt anyone like you did.

Press the button, I’ve gone unnoticed,
It’s only for a while I’m caught up,
Let me deal with my grief like I should,
Shutting down doesn’t mean that’s the end.

This will never be the same,
An open wound in the public name,
I’ve itched for this kind of fear,
Never be afraid for what you want from me.

Poem/Lyric: Unclaimed Nights

I was talking to the bartender on the Saturday night,
Nothing to brag about so I complain about the weather,
You say a girl like me shouldn’t be left unattained,
But a boy like you couldn’t be hanging out idly too.

I belong to no one else and I want to stay it this way,
Please don’t cause any disturbance I’m warning you,
I can take good care of myself so thanks for your concern,
You may go back to where you come from and do your own thing.

When I was walking back to the hotel room you were there with me,
Been following me just now what the hell were you thinking?
How could it be so hilarious I don’t know why?
I had to fall out of love for you to come to me.

You found me when I was alone in one of those unclaimed nights,
But I don’t have the heart to attach to anybody else,
I don’t want to waste your time so please go away,
Go find somebody that suits you and leave me alone.

But thank you for loving me,
Thank you for choosing me,
Please accept my apology,
That I have to pass this love to another girl…

Lyric: Unspoken

Tonight it’s unforgettable for me,
That I’ve finally met you,
It is a dream comes true,
Still it feels so surreal that you’re here.
When you hold out your hand to me,
I could see that magical sparks in your eyes,
But when she comes up to you,
And boy, that kiss should be mine (from me to you).

Some words are left unspoken,
Some words are meant to be unsaid,
If it were going to hurt you,
Then let me take it all,
All that left unspoken.

Daringly I ask for your number,
I had to call and hear your voice (please don’t blame me),
Say I’m sorry but it’s not my fault,
Cos’ you’re suppose to be mine (and I’m yours).

Why the cupid has to play us this way?
The feeling is so right but the timing is wrong,
No hidden words now baby just say it out loud,
Shout it out
If only,

I have the chance to speak out,
I have the chance to tell the truth,
That she’s only my filler,
For all that left unsaid
I’ll keep it away from you…

All I want to say,
Is how much I love you?

Lyrical Prose: Light Brown Eyes

Here I am,
Sitting here like the old time looking at you,
We’re near,
But it feels so far away such a distance,
Your cigarette is burning out
My coffee has turn so cold,
Say something my dear,
I don’t know you anymore.

Those beautiful light brown eyes now belong to a stranger,
Those sweetest words you whisper to me have gone…

Needless to cry,
For I know you wouldn’t come back to me,
Nothing to say,
Then why are we not letting each other go?
What do you want from me?
My mind is so clear,
I will not turn back,
You don’t love me anymore.

At night I tell myself to remember that look in your eyes,
When you cradle me to sleep like a child,
Constantly searching as I know that colour is hard to find,
Each time you look into my eyes and smile
I hold on to that memory with all my might…

Those beautiful light brown eyes now belong to a stranger,
Those sweetest words you whisper to me have gone…
Have gone too soon…

Those gorgeous dark brown eyes of mine is standalone,
Waiting for someone to come and call me home…

– – –

In one of the weekends, I’ll post a lyrical poem, which I’ve written last month. Enjoy reading and your feedbacks are much appreciated.

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