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Lyrical Poetry: Finest Keeper

Sipping Vodka on this old piano,
Flickering lashes upon our lips,
Going side by side along the pole,
Roses are meant for damsel in distress,
Have you been sending me a lot lately?

Enjoy flirting with these melodies,
I scent our dangerous love,
Let them fall upon us come what may,
You hold the key to my scar,
Unlock it — tell me what I should learn from.

Fumbling happiness on a Russian Roulette,
Trapped within her labyrinth,
Flipping love and paper cutting my thumb,
Are you the one I call home?
There you are; holding my hand with courage.

Lyrical Poetry: Itching For Love

Walking under the rain tonight,
Back to the night you left me,
Unable to reach out to you,
My arms shiver; unreachable.

Here the cramps are making its rounding,
Like we’ve returned to the basic,
After all have been drenched and over with,
But my soul’s not for you to share.

Brokenness I’ve gotten it sedated,
Emptiness that I shall not give a damn,
If I’m lonely I can start the game,
But I won’t hurt anyone like you did.

Press the button, I’ve gone unnoticed,
It’s only for a while I’m caught up,
Let me deal with my grief like I should,
Shutting down doesn’t mean that’s the end.

This will never be the same,
An open wound in the public name,
I’ve itched for this kind of fear,
Never be afraid for what you want from me.

Lyrical Poem: No Promises

Hold me now, I’m free-falling
So many I want to say to you
You keep pushing me away
Pretend that I’m okay but I’m not.

They say you’re no good for me
I deserve a better candidate
Sit down and think of our good times
Heart’s beating when I’m not supposed to.

One look, and I melt like an ice-cream
Missing your voice and that sweet smile
Promises gone astray like milky venom
Who says everything will be the same, again?

Deep within my heart
Am repeating the daily routine
If I’m a coy to trick and no treat,
Why wasting coffee and cheap talks?

Baby, I should be up and going
No loitering in the dark circle
Eating me alive like parasites
Good in disguising. I’ve forgiven you
for what you have done to me.

Lyrical Poem: All Said And Done

Looking in I’m closing up,
Something I confess from within,
At twelve midnight I’ve decided
to let go without any addiction.

Shake me up but I will be fine,
I will give you my last word to define
That there’s nothing worth fighting for
Life goes on without any blaming core.

I cry at night, to realise you’re gone,
This denied love shall never flourish,
That one fine day this heart shall perish
Dancing to the moonlight turns me on.

Am overloaded
in an exploding mode
Careful with that remote control
Fragility to handle before any pointing fingers.

Looking in I will be fine
With you I didn’t lose anything
I’ve befriended fantasy,
His love’s at large and comforting.

Poem: Unbroken Valentine

You sing me French lullabies
My unbroken valentine
Bid no goodbye only welcoming
you into my world. From this moment
setting it accurately. No more a stranger

in you, I see sunshine in the twilight
within me, you find it hard to stop talking
Rooftop images of portobello mushroom
The galaxy beyond Rainbow No. Seven
Nearer than a friend, I am not yet a lover

You burned the coffee reading script
Abrasion on your delicate membrane
My lips will unfold the cure you need
Whispering love beneath your breath
Almost a lover, not yet partners-

in-crime that you can summon me
to your Victorian bed. Renaissance is your
middle name. No ocean of broken glass
Feeling naked when you’re beside me
You touch my hand and I come alive.

We still have a long journey
Within them, a curse to continue this romance
Into your eyes I see us taking slow
Standing before you, a struggling writer holding
a basket of walking denial

Your devotion, sheltering my fear
I shiver and cry when your lips on mine.
Our relationship is no cherry ice-cream
Press no forevermore hanging vanilla sky
Chinese spinning wheel shortage of cotton candy

You sing French nursery rhyme on my birthday
The shattered heart I once held hard
Give him a try
The little voice said to me.

Poem: Interlude


When nights are low
Your and I are free
for now
Come take my hand
I will show you
What love means


When days are high
Treat our friendship
with kindness
Bring you to me
I’ll protect you
More than spoken words


When love means jot
No way to be
taken away
It is within us, nobody
Will be called intruder
Locked to us


When we’ve swallowed
the key to eternity
Password set in idle
Building sapphire castle
Anywhere, everywhere
Valley of rainbow

Poem/Lyric: Unclaimed Nights

I was talking to the bartender on the Saturday night,
Nothing to brag about so I complain about the weather,
You say a girl like me shouldn’t be left unattained,
But a boy like you couldn’t be hanging out idly too.

I belong to no one else and I want to stay it this way,
Please don’t cause any disturbance I’m warning you,
I can take good care of myself so thanks for your concern,
You may go back to where you come from and do your own thing.

When I was walking back to the hotel room you were there with me,
Been following me just now what the hell were you thinking?
How could it be so hilarious I don’t know why?
I had to fall out of love for you to come to me.

You found me when I was alone in one of those unclaimed nights,
But I don’t have the heart to attach to anybody else,
I don’t want to waste your time so please go away,
Go find somebody that suits you and leave me alone.

But thank you for loving me,
Thank you for choosing me,
Please accept my apology,
That I have to pass this love to another girl…

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