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Poem: Love Is…

Love is ambitious, but some say is blind,
With a heart of courage, and here comes the dash.

Love is of endurance, to be flabbergasted,
Served it grandly, or so, to be treated with honesty.

A girl says love is innocent, how can I say it is jaded?
When you’re love only keeper should it be loathsome?

But some say it’s marvellous, nestled with love,
In the name of omnipresent, pure and quizzical as it is.

Love is meant to be radical, somehow it is sacred,
As typical as it is, love is unique and unforgettable.

Love is another visual-insanity, when the warmth has come around,
Did anyone say Xmas is love, too, of yearning and could be zealous?

– – –

I would like to extend my THANKS to those who have been ‘liking’ and following my blog. My blog is not something very interesting; no beautiful photoshop photos or beautiful background theme. What I have is raw and direct poetry. I’m building my reader base here. In fact, I’m thinking of publishing my poetry, while waiting for any reply from the literary agents. Enjoy this poem.

P/S: My favourite song for the week is ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ by Adele

Poem: Portrait of an Archangel

Weak as I am
I’m feeling your emotion,
I’ve consumed by rage
In words of attention,
The closer we get,
Nearer I stumble upon your embrace,
I lose my edge
Memories I have to erase,
Your visions see me through
With you, can it be true?

I was caught in your act
For I have fallen so pure and guilty lack.
Wordless utterance
Of you and me,
Making a faithless entrance
To those we have to fight,
It feels so distance,
I couldn’t keep up with your paces,
For a kiss of innocent,
You are a guardian angel.

Sad to define,
That I have no one to confide,
If you would to leave me empty,
I don’t need others’ sympathy.
On bended knees,
My hatred cease,
Staring deep into your wishful eyes,
You cast my mistakes away,
I’m glad,
For you’ve taken me
Into an angelic dance,
I obtain a brand new life,
Let me have your thoughtful trance,
Needless for me to have a knife.

Slashes of wounds,
In this twisted crimson blood
Burn me,
I’m producing a flood
Drowning malicious people,
with all my angst.
Suffered so much and longed to touch,
I can’t hear you call,
I’m just a vandalized doll,
Strings compacted puppet,
I don’t wear a corset,
I’m still breathing; living in my own cube,
You’ve picked up this catatonic girl,
From that corner-stone,
I’ve appointed fearless urge,
To approach you,
But you are gone.

I have nowhere to reach you,
If I would to parade myself,
In anger; not too soon,
Wings you’ve attached,
Spirits, souls and love we’ve detached,
I stood alone in deformity,
Unsettled in pieces,
I left in my agony,
With this heart
I sacrifice and bleed,
Until the day we meet again,
Beyond the beautiful shore we have created,
Please don’t be ignored.
For the devoted love I’ve possessed in you.

– – –

Currently listening to Valen Hsu‘s album – Single Diary 1995-2001.

Poem: Ocean Wide

Ocean deep,
Running blue,
on the bed of intimacy,
Facing the water
of sapphire and true,
Just the two of us,
We found each other,
The world is wide,
But we came together,
Canopy of joy,
Lying here with you,
Without lovemaking,
Heart-to-heart talk,
Culminating the communication,
Listening to
waves crushing in,
Our kisses
swallowing the End-Side of everything

– – –

It took me fifteen minutes to complete. Currently, I’m listening to Florence + The Machine.

Inspired new voice

Beth is her name.

I was hanging around at the record store and a cover version of Swedish Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child came on. I asked the store assistant and she showed me a bright tangerine CD cover. So, I have to mark this for next month’s purchase.

Lately, I’ve been watching some movies via Youtube. Some of those are ‘Protege’ and ‘Overheard’; the first and second installment. Also, some book purchases I need to take note, like ‘The Swimming Pool’ by Holly LeCraw, ‘Girl Who Fell From The Sky’ by Heidi Durrow and ‘The Ghost Bride’ by Yangsze Choo. I’ve made a pack to myself in order to place my order, I have to finish at least three-quarter of mine.

Probably, I have to wait by end of this year.

So for Music Monday, besides having the above mentioned, I’ve been listening to ‘Teardrops’ for synopsis writing inspiration. Also, taking this as one of the categories, I’ve been reading numbers of articles from Writer’s Digest. As a self-confessed basket of denial, and revising my query, I will send one, which is the last of the second tiers. Tomorrow.

At the meantime, I’m listening to the stand-fan blowing at the back of my hair.

Think tank!

Was window-shopping at Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Forever 21, Topshop, Warehouse UK and Guess. In the end, I ordered a DP top, which to be collected this Friday. I couldn’t wait.

Perhaps I was having a cup of vanilla latte and then a slice of tiramisu for tea break and then BAM!

Disaster struck!

Depression came knocking my brain!

Now, I have to make a mental note for stopping any caffeinated beverage (coffee, tea, cocoa, cola), stay away from carbohydrates (any refined and white flour produces), alcohol and ciggies (those two which I’ll never EVER touch. It has been great long time since I’ve touched any liquor).

It scares the hell of me, so I came back and did a quick google and found this: –

“…Hypomania often generates productivity and creativity”; and

“Classic symptoms of hypomania include mild euphoria, a flood of ideas, seemingly endless energy, and a desire and drive for success.”

Good say! But the fact isn’t what it seems. I tend to hate myself. But not to the extend of self-inflicting and suicide. So I had a talk with my mum. She talked me out and gave me some encouragement. You see, depression comes and will stay there if you don’t talk it out. I was a little taken aback when I got that. Luckily it doesn’t strike when I was shopping. And to curb this, food is very important and then environmental stress also is another contributory factor.

But it’s hard for me to change the latter.

However, let’s not forget Monday’s theme. I love something retro: –

1) Ava Adore – Smashing Pumpkins
2) Sex & Candy – Marcy Playground
3) How Do I Deal – Jennifer Love Hewitt
4) Sour Girl – Stone Temple Pilots
5) Karma Police – Radiohead

I try not to go overboard but most people with depression are high achievers.

Rock and Roll Chick…

That’s me…

Well, I can’t overall confirmed that but I’ve been listening to the above genre for…no idea how long. My love for ROCK ranges from soft to quiet storm to…what my classmates usually mentioned of Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Hole – before knowing the all-girl band of The Runaways and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Heart and The Bangles.

Recently I had ‘Eat You Alive’ by Limp Bizkit playing on my mind. It definately cooks a lot of my memories starting in 1999 when I was in my last year of high school. It happened in my Math tuition class that this guy will groove into the class, bobbing his head towards the beat of his Sony Walkman singing the entire ‘Significant Others’ album.

This guy is never tired of spreading the ‘Gospel According to Fred Durst’.

Frankly, I thought well, it’s a weird group with big raven pupils lead quitarist, and a bunch of tattoo clad guys. These boys are bringing Nu-Metal into a whole new level.

Years later as the movie ‘Gothika’ came about, ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ got the instantaneous hit that I’ve fallen deeper for this band. Only for that song, so to speak.

Other that, I’m revising one of my incomplete manuscripts later. I know I have a lot to edit. I just got to love it.

So, people, what do you think of rock music?

Undeniably it goes so well with sex + drugs + violence. The later is not important. And we have vampires playing rock and roll music like Vampire Lestat. Rock music is lyrical and poetic. It’s like storytelling. There’s no need of alcohol too. A good music, disregard of its genre is crowd-drawing.

Month Seven…

Two more hours and it’ll be month seven 2nd day.

And I’ve finally put up my querying-processing novel in the hands of the Force out there. Once things had been done (means rounds & rounds of edits, breaking retinas of spell-checking and a bit of copyediting), it’s now the term of determination, plus the 3Ps are coming into a literary arithmatic formula. So it’ll go by the following:

Determination + Patience + Passion + Perseverance + Sweat + Tears = Mental exhaustion

I can’t wait to smell the roses, despite facing a lot of crisis, just because I’m a victim of circumstances.

Writing is an escapade.

I seek solace in writing.

I’m not afraid to express and be comfortable about it.

For this week, I’ll finish the blurbs, or some synopsis before getting down to serious business by choosing which project(s) I should work on.

Here’re songs that inspire me to sustain my so-called sanity: –

1) Tori Amos
2) Coldplay
3) Chyi-Yu
4) Metallica
5) Lana Del Rey

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