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Poem: Measure

Falling for you am I to blame?
Lying beside you do I feel the pain?
Perchance there’s no happy ending,
Then should I give us up?

Falling for you is this the right move?
If you’re not willing to take this,
how can we measure the depth of ours?
Thinking of us I am burning myself.

That moment when I’ve given up my life,
Only I want you to be safe with me,
It doesn’t matter if we were to start anew.
For as long as I have a path with you.

The future is hard to predict,
The road may seem less travelled; forward,
I will not let you fight the oughts alone,
I promise to stay if you trust me.

Shall we go to a place where nobody knows us?
Not by chance; destined to be with you,
I was born for you – your Eve; your rib,
In another life, I still want to be us.

Poem: Exhibition

They came to town for a reason,
To see the girl in glass coffin this season,
She’s not in comatose – her mission,
for him to take her away – his compassion,
They’ll elope; away without ransom.

Poem: The Banyan Branches

Under the wishing tree,
When will he ever come?
The knight of breastplate armour,
How will he looked like?
The answer relies on the wishing tree.

Merry go’ round the wishing tree,
Lips trembling, making a wish,
Chanting mantra in diagonal truth,
Where’s my knight?
He is inside you all the while.

– – –

Once again, I want to thank all of you who have ‘liked’ my yesterday’s entry, and also have been following my blog. It’s my pleasure to announce that my site had achieved 100 Likes! Thanks to each one of you.

Poem: Cold

Wings you’ve attached,
Souls and love we detached,
I stood alone in deformity,
Unsettled in those pieces,
I left in my agony,
With this heart
I sacrifice and bleed,
Until the day we meet,
Beyond the beautiful shore
I have created,
Please don’t ignore
the devoted love I’ve possessed in you.

Poem: Let me Love You

You face death,
Alone; l help you to pull the trigger,
Forgive me if l didn’t tell you,
How much l should have appreciated,
Your acquaintance smile,
Couldn’t tell how pleasant it was.
Pardon me for being damn selfish,
People around you,
Used, betrayed, judged and cast,
I never know or pretend not to care,
That your mental faculty,
You need love to heal your crawling wound.
Remember when you first hug and hold me
To your arms; You look like a clown
Wish l could turn back time,
Return to my childhood where
l could have know you more.
You have broken by the fire-burning,
Dream about you; Thinking of you,
Perhaps, I’m regret for not cherish our last moment,
I’m suppose to express my feelings,
Can anyone visualize how my bitter heart goes?
Mommy missed you,
Grandma is proud of you,
What a remorseful atmosphere; That we have here.
Daddy reminiscence the conversation you had,
Strong, courageous and brave attitude you once preserved.
Too late to cry; My darling,
You said – I’ve got to leave.
Where are you going?
ls there a happy; Peaceful place where you can belong now?
Days have past by me slow,
Awaken from my dream and you went away,
Questioning myself; l need to be responsible.
Not for your passing; But to promise
That my love for you shall never shed.

– – –

This is a tribute poem I wrote a decade ago for someone who I never got the chance to say how much I loved him. Looking back, it’s something really sad. Through words, it’s least what I can express.

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