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Flash fiction: Scattering Love

Sneak preview of Scattering Love: –

“He pouted and thought hard. “We shall take the last one together.”

Thank you for all your support, my beautiful people.

Much love…

Flash fiction: The Capitals

Sneak preview of The Capitals: –

“By the time we have come to the mid-end of this underground shelter, it will ultimately reflect who we truly are. In handcuffed, we carefully put on our headphone, be sure to single-out the most heartfelt soundtrack that later will become our emotional anthem.”

I have committed to write one flash fiction fortnightly.

Thank you for all your support, my beautiful people.

Much love…

Micropoetry #42

Musical chairs are full of intelligentsia,
One after another I have to climb,
The one behind me tries to crawl like serpent;
in and out of the rules — my Godfather’s laws,
People ahead looks like domino’s effect,
Waiting for the last one to fall,
Beating the final curtain, close to credit rolling.

Poem: Say What?

What if I don’t dress like my age
where everyone does? What about
an elderly woman who fit to be
a grandmother who dressed like a whore
is crawling towards —

my dream lover,
who is holding another girl.
I cry and cry ripping that fur.
Get him over. One day I will.
But for now, please allow me
to grief —

Poem: Pleasure’s Mine

The smell of that after rain,
Oceanfront and protruded landscape,
Being the child who lives in hue,
Craft your smile upon my face,
where silencer starts aiming at boys –
Innocence and sweet –
Grilling them to their knees.

Poem: The Scientist

Frida Kahlo paints rainbow
on my dermis and faith
I listen without rebut

Steps of Argentinean tango
creeps into my jet-lagged heart
like you’ve touched me

Hold your breath
Count to ten
He’s coming to make you sweat

Cornish pie in English season
Cornflower plate represents the garden
of no short-lived tomorrow

Wintry with no shadow
Doppelgangers fear for living
under Freddy Krueger’s charm

Poem: Lips Astray

No more touching, even
For just a simple graze
Kissing vanilla ice-cream
Memories remain

Skin to skin
Hot to handle
Curtain of fingers
Lips tumbling
You in sadomasochistic suit
yelling of cracking rooftop

Guilty pleasure
Rape as titillation
Damaging and dangerous
Inner juices
Your doppelganger
Splitting into half

Sweet nightmare
Humiliation no hesitation
Squeeze hard, hard, harder –
Downright, playfully corrupted
Hierarchy of domination

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