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Poem: Interlude


When nights are low
Your and I are free
for now
Come take my hand
I will show you
What love means


When days are high
Treat our friendship
with kindness
Bring you to me
I’ll protect you
More than spoken words


When love means jot
No way to be
taken away
It is within us, nobody
Will be called intruder
Locked to us


When we’ve swallowed
the key to eternity
Password set in idle
Building sapphire castle
Anywhere, everywhere
Valley of rainbow

Poem: Mouth

sequel to Tongue

Two sinful membranes
tingling into one

Medical inspection
swapping for DNA sampling

Biting upper level
for anxiety and wondering thoughts

Lower nibs
seducing a married gentleman

Ways to open them
wide and farther

Shocked! Woman
found husband atop an underage

Scenes from cinema
mutilating bodies in the woods

Your husband/boyfriend
fiancé satisfying with his erectile

Mouth covered, eyes bulged
man’s waist down wrapped in newspaper

Molar and tiger’s claws inside
Beat the fastest eater of the world

Implanting inside the mouth
with shark’s jaws – fin eating feast

Wildlife alert
Human’s jaws for deterrent punishment

Brushing with agony
Red lips burning bright

Poem: My Love

Hands underneath my shirt
I try to focus what’s inside the saucepan
Teasing skin of front pubic
Biting bottom lip refused to moan
The sound of cuff over your wrist
and mine
Grabbing my finger to coat the mixture
Licking, eyes closed like popsicle
I take our love like brand new, each day
The ramification, no rush, no integrity

Poem: Tongue

One of the anatomies
Usage of many

Careful not to bite
Mountainous of blood cell

A way to
Commit suicide

Food is in front
Your tongue does the justice

Mouth opens slowly
I slip mine into yours to keep

Your body
Every inch of it, I’m tasting

The one that lie
Shouldn’t have cast the first stone

Who hasn’t said a mortal lie?
Offer my decapitated head then

Poem: The Unknown (III)

My unscrupulous lover thought I’ve gone crazy,
When I insisted he brought my camera for photos development,
He said they were all been exposed to sunlight,
Fortunately, I’ve developed another photo of you,
Full-portrait with faux fur vest; half-naked!

Poem: Fever

‘Have we met before? Pardon me;
I just had a fever that wiped most of my memory.’

“Can we be together? Excuse me;
I had a blood clot that may constitute amnesia anytime.”

Let’s start this feverish romance before we forget each other
by imprint it in our heart instead.

Poem: Niagara Falls

Confessing my love by yelling his name,
Knowingly I shall never bring myself to shame,
Saying aloud, my heart isn’t to tame,
You turn around, thinking it’s lame,
Too bad, you’re to be damned!

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