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I almost forgotten to blog because I’ve started on my new novel. Sorry, I can’t reveal much. I’ve done the blurb and hopefully the first draft will be completed latest by second week of September. It’s a semi-autobiography. Realistic fiction rules!!!

Be constant at your dream. Don’t be afraid to dream because if you don’t have any of it then life will be colourless. I don’t want that to happen.

So what’s your dream?

Au Natural Antidepressants

Endorphins are the answer.

They’re produce by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, similarly to opiates, for feeling well-being. Besides laughter, there’re others like exercise, consumption of spicy food, excitement, pain, love and…orgasm, which can be found in endorphins. At some point, endorphin can be found in stress. Remember, there’re good stress around to keep our mind going.

So, how to combat the bad stress?

1) Talk it out to someone you trusted, or join an organisation/groups. If you may get socialise…

2) Sleep, sleep and sleep. I couldn’t repeat it further. If you think tomorrow you’re going to replenish your yesterday’s forsaken sleep, no way. It’s difficult to tackle it. Unless someone invented a time-travel machine.

3) It leads to depression – so eat appropriately – like drink soy milk instead of caffeinated drinks. Let’s say if you’re an avid coffee drinker, try to limit the consumption in a cup a day only. If you quit it totally, the effect can be worst. So one step at a time.

4) Pep-talk. It’s mind over matters. Your mind is the headquarter of your body. It’s time to act wise and let your brain do the talking rather than using your heart all the time. I’m not saying follow your heart is bad. But the mind and heart must come into a term in order to convince one self.

5) Write it out. If you don’t write a journal. That’s okay. Blogging may be a waste of time, so you can have Facebook or Twitter. But once again, be wise here for you don’t want to lash everything out and then regret later. We’re reasonable and prudent adult here. So, act like one.

Who’s in my guest list?

In today’s entry, if it were to come true. I have to buy an Elizabethan chandeliar hanging exactly above a few Victorian small dining stand (positioned in the middle), because I’m inviting a group of people, dead or alive, actual or fictitious, to supper. Yes, with lots of booster available…

First of all, I’m inviting all those whom I’m following and followers on Twitter, except publishing houses (pls send one of your rep editor over), Sylvia Plath, Kurt Cobain, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Within Temptation…

Anyone who supports and love me for me…

And then I’ll have Amy Winehouse and Kelly Clarkson to entertain us.

Oh, how could I forget, my two wonderful and cooperative ‘Mister Inspiration’ holding different characters in my stories.

‘Til then, I’ll make sure to put on my low-back black lace tube dress, calling myself Countess for the night.

Miss Me Anyone?

As the title suggested above, shout out if you do, please. Ha-ha…

I’m pretty occupied these days with…well, I’ve started to query the second batch of literary agents. Yes, successfully picked 14 ‘victims’ and sending them hair-dropping queries. Just joking. It’s okay, I still have 3rd batch which I’ll send the alert out 3 months later. I haven’t try Londoner agents.

Recently I just discovered I’m actually a SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR. Yes, I capped that cos’ I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, if you have any of your work published on a public domain, you’re already a self-published author, despite you earn no royalties and no ISBN to code that lovely masterpiece of yours. As such, I’m in the middle of re-reading my previously PUBLISHED works and consider the real vanity press publication. E-Pub probably in my case. Especially when it comes to novella and short stories.

Editing is the real pain.

Shall I stress it again?

Yesterday, after bringing someone who is a cancer patient back home from the chemotherapy. He who needs constant attention, with one more cycle to go. Then I received an email (short and really sharp in shooting to the point) from a family member, who still couldn’t understand what I’m going through apparently.

1) Ignore; or
2) Take their words but don’t reply at all/much; or
3) Say ‘thank you’

I’m going to pick the last one.

I don’t understand why there’re some people who always think their words are the ultimate and then trying their freaking best to convince you to take their words, even if you’ve relentlessly told or thank them for their kind effort. I basically don’t like people to poke their nose into my business. But this person is someone I owed a lot (be it financially or favour), someone whom I’m close to.

But that’s not the case anymore.

I understand this person is trying his/her best to bring me out of unemployment but it’s sad that this person only can see a broder picture of everything, without considering a person’s actual situation. I did spell out to this person, asking this person to ‘try wearing my shoes and feel it’. Too bad, this person can’t. Perhaps working in a tensed and opportunity grabbing society, where money is above everything tends to go a lil side-way. So you’re grabbing each opportunity you can. But hello, I have someone I need to share the responsibility in hospitality with. I can’t have that person to do everything, anything on its own.

Remember, my mother didn’t raise me to be a heartless b*tch.

Even when I get a job in the future, it’s something I enjoy doing, not because of it’s loaded paycheque, or totally different from my studied field. My passion has always been journalism since day one; since I was twenty. But I was curved into Law, which turns out all-right, meaning I’m still sane and earned an Honours.

Everybody wants to know what’s on my mind. But the best part is I don’t bother telling…

1st and Foremost

I was once an avid fan fiction writer at Winglin. There’re many questions been asked by my fellow readers. I’ll have them post here. Weekly

Q: When did you start to write?
A: Out of boredom. At the age of 16, I wrote my first boy band-meet-fan love story, but scrapped the manuscript away due to its smattering writing. It was nothing but a plain hobby. However, I have the habit to change the ending of each movie I’ve watched and novel I’ve read, especially they don’t have HEA or HFN element.

After reading Wei-Hui’s Shanghai baby in November 2004, I penned my first short fiction of erotic romance. Trust me, the love scene was so sloppish now that whenever I re-read it, I’ll LOL. A hobby finally turned into something I need to do, a solace. I started to write seriously during law school, but never consider any publication. Whenever I came back from class, or at times during lecture, I write too. You don’t call yourself a writer if you don’t write consistently. I couldn’t stress more on that.

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