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Poem: Skin Deep

Ode to this beat of my heart,
My fingers move beyond my grip,
Wide awake and stroking love,
Tasting sweetness in salty tears,
Oh, so comfortable this affection
I have — down to this beautiful stranger.
Your voice and that deep breathing,
Close my eyes and let it go,
A mere touch will never be enough,
Take it slow; take it all with you.

Poem: Taste Bud

His lips —
I will swim
in the pool and
shall sink further.
His arms —
send forth the most
lunatic tattoos.
His fingers —
are like my lollipops;
His touch —
that I wish it would
linger on the nakedness;
underneath and inside-out.
His scent —
in the name of mascara
and eye-liner, while my shadow
is lap-dancing for
His eyes

Micropoetry #48

You come with the rain to this cruel world,
You found me through the midnight curl,
I am safe and sound married to fantasy,
We’ve tantalized the realm of ecstasy.

Micropoetry #46

Purple is the color of creativity,
Maroon represents our sex,
Black is when we kiss, while
we’re moaning to the white anthem.

Poem: Tangerine and Silk

Delicious oh like your lips
Bitterness weaves into
My soul and that softness
kissing me. While.
tearing them apart. The sound –
of that bow unties
Tuxedo on my sequin

Poem: State of Seduction

Fabric on your fingertips
On my forehead, your lips pressing
Delicately, and then I cry

silently, not to break it
Gripping my hand to your chest
Love to be made and to last.

Long, long time since I feel
That alive mode kicking in when
I send my soul into high-flying

Last night’s Whisky and cigarette
Your smell on the mouthpiece
River flowing without your presence

Eyes close, releasing that painful grudge
Holding onto that foe. Piercing feeling
Of razor edge in the state of seduction

He’s over the moon, I can’t bear
Touching him like there’s no tomorrow
Flipping the Book of Revelation, taking in,
Out and over the Karma Sutra

Poem: Unbroken Valentine

You sing me French lullabies
My unbroken valentine
Bid no goodbye only welcoming
you into my world. From this moment
setting it accurately. No more a stranger

in you, I see sunshine in the twilight
within me, you find it hard to stop talking
Rooftop images of portobello mushroom
The galaxy beyond Rainbow No. Seven
Nearer than a friend, I am not yet a lover

You burned the coffee reading script
Abrasion on your delicate membrane
My lips will unfold the cure you need
Whispering love beneath your breath
Almost a lover, not yet partners-

in-crime that you can summon me
to your Victorian bed. Renaissance is your
middle name. No ocean of broken glass
Feeling naked when you’re beside me
You touch my hand and I come alive.

We still have a long journey
Within them, a curse to continue this romance
Into your eyes I see us taking slow
Standing before you, a struggling writer holding
a basket of walking denial

Your devotion, sheltering my fear
I shiver and cry when your lips on mine.
Our relationship is no cherry ice-cream
Press no forevermore hanging vanilla sky
Chinese spinning wheel shortage of cotton candy

You sing French nursery rhyme on my birthday
The shattered heart I once held hard
Give him a try
The little voice said to me.

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