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Poem: Autumn Muse

I — should leave
for a place that
no one knows me
only to give credence to —

Autumn leaves
I have yet to witness
nor to feel — inhale with pride.
I bet they’re as
enigmatic like your eyes, lips
and everything about you.

Poem: Narcissistic Side

This love comes easy,
A speed of lightning,
A sense of urgency,
Enhance the pace, darling.

This narcissistic side,
You’re unable to realise,
Between the real & fantasy me,
My world of raining bullets.

A sudden sickness
often seeing you on the screen,
Turntablist re-enacting my story,
Eyes closed; I feel so light.

Poem: In Love

Like a diamond from Sierra Leone,
Recently discovered; excavated —
Shining in bold,
Sweet and yet blinding,
I roll the dices —
Obstacles with no sorrow
Party like there’s no tomorrow.

Flash fiction: Scattering Love

Sneak preview of Scattering Love: –

“He pouted and thought hard. “We shall take the last one together.”

Thank you for all your support, my beautiful people.

Much love…

Poem: Impulse

I wash melancholy
with summertime ashes
I was lying on your mattress
counting the shantung eclipse
with our fingers, eyes and
lips — anywhere.

Poem: Skin Deep

Ode to this beat of my heart,
My fingers move beyond my grip,
Wide awake and stroking love,
Tasting sweetness in salty tears,
Oh, so comfortable this affection
I have — down to this beautiful stranger.
Your voice and that deep breathing,
Close my eyes and let it go,
A mere touch will never be enough,
Take it slow; take it all with you.

Poem: When I Was Knocked Upside Out

Fairy tales are make believe,
Happily ever after should exist,
If only faithfulness did not
turn into betrayal and dishonesty.
Infidelity is today’s featured film.

In order to be in a relationship,
I have to fall in love; and be in love,
Even if I were in a relationship,
I still don’t believe in love —

Do you think I’m worth for your night?
If you were in my shoes, would you
ever empathized a broken mirror wall?
Awaiting for someone to love —
why not we start by loving ourselves?

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