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New Venture & New Poetry Journal

First of all, let me apologize for my four months missing in action. Mr Thunder and Ms Rain are on their way, hence, I have to finish this before they found me. Or, if I’m daring enough to write this under their nose (Eek, if they ever have a nose lol)…

I’ve done some manuscript editing and then put it aside cos’ I have something in mind that I have to do, or else it’ll be like a raven crow pecking my head wherever I go.

WanderInkZ Creative Services – I’ve set up this small business venture on Facebook to sell my framed and printed poems, instead of printing them in a chapbook. This is for those who wish to purchase my work individually, of course it’s not as cheap as a chapbook. Having said so, I’ve spent all my time to choose the best photo frame, beautifully designed papers, of which some I designed on my own, using fabric tapes, lace tapes and other ornaments, in order to provide the best and well-decorated artwork…in writing. I’m also taking in personalized poems ordering. This business will also branching into writing motivational poems, poetry editing services and poetry writing workshop. Do check the page out and click a ‘Like’ (truly appreciate that):

ZiggyZag Arms Poetry Journal – It says it all, as a published poet besides volunteering for Eastlit to be part of the editorial board member, I’ve started my own online poetry journal. It aims to publish under-represented and emerging Asian descent poets around the world (even if you’re half Asian, you’re welcome to submit). The publication months are February, April, June, August, October and December. Do check the website: Facebook ‘Like’ us (truly appreciate that):

Stay tune for more of me and my other baby-ventures…

Poem: Love; Hate (Part II)

Love is easy,
Hatred is direct,
Puddle of thickened passion,
Our hearts are unsure
Playing love with fire,
Wild at heart,
That night of love affair,
Two become one,
Yesterday’s passion; today’s farewell,
No misunderstanding; you and I know,
When we meet again,
Will you ask how’s my life is?
We weren’t each other’s first
Except for that night,
A virgin’s first sex,
Have given it all,
Morally wrong,
But sinfully right,
Those light-brown pupils,
They were real when you cry,
Feel your body next to mine,
Coffee turning cold,
Facing one another – wordless,
Can we be lovers?
Or we are there for resolving loneliness?
Back to where we’ve just made love…

– – –

I’ve just finished writing ‘Christmas Lover’, to which I’ve planned to submit for publication. Besides waiting for any response from the literary agent, I’m composing some poems. This mean, I’m putting my novel writing aside for the time being. Moreover, I have yet to plan the synopsis (blurbs alone doesn’t make a difference).

And then I already have a new story cooking in my system.

Todate, I have 13 unpublished poems (edited). I have 36 to write. I’ve listed the title and roughly had a brain-draft at the back of my head. I’m now half-way through The Bell Jar, with Ariel in front of me.

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