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Poem: One Hundred Days

Velvet sky of disclosure,
We have been two-thousand
and four-hundred hours apart,
Scars are so brand new, still —
I have been breathing hard
lately. Only then I learn to be
stronger, like I have promised you
before your last breath that I will
never give up. Never for Mama and myself —
I will not cry the same tears,
But it will be of different taste. Someday
another new chapter
when a vow is exchanged
with the One who loves me. —

Poem: Forever And Ever

Nights are low,
Heaviness prevails,
The bonding between
a father and a daughter;
an equation along Heaven
and Earth.

From ashes to ashes
We have come to part,
But it will not be the end
We shall meet on that
Beautiful shore
One day —

Poem: Thank You

How I wish to rap it like the hood?
Bursting the combustion
Follow not the tradition
Take the stride
Break, interrupt, interval
the mould
Uniting inner senses
10 in a day (writing poetry)
8 for publication (fingers crossed upwards)
Merci beaucoup to my GEMS
The hyper
And the silent ones –
Love all of you
More than words
All my saviours
Beloved fighters

Poem: Mango

It is fruit
In Hong Kong they crush it to make pudding
But I’m referring to a fashion brand
For the young and the urban women
Some leave it alone – plus-size unfriendly

I collect their tank tops not because
I like it but the promotion of 3-in-1
Not because of peer pressure
But the thrill to own it – like FBI
profiling the serial killer on the loose

A girl named Mango
She’s allergic to the fruit
Doesn’t dress the brand
And refused to step into any of the outlet
But she became their spokesperson due to her Gisele’s figure

Poem: September Candle Rose

Another anniversary
Not a celebration
Twelve years a history – unforgotten

I don’t know much about this
I wasn’t there
But I feel the pain they felt

The last second
before their last breath
What were in their head?

No survivors
The escaped without a route
Perished souls buried in debris

No play of reincarnation
Virgil prayers for peaceful rest
Memories engraving tombs

Candle continues burning
in the month of eleventh
Mediums whispering to the dead

Justice served
with the death of uncountable
Photographs gripping tightly

Sons and daughters
Fathers and mothers
Husbands and wives – victims listed

Still celebrating black
Christmas, Valentine’s, Birthdays, Hanukkah
Eyes blinded by tears

Love blossoms
Amongst the affected families
Their portrait tattooed in heart

– – –

Thanks for all your concern. I’m supposed to be on a break. In conjunction with this day that we shouldn’t forget. I’ve written a tribute poem to mark for this day. A day that none of us will forget.

Poem: Let me Love You

You face death,
Alone; l help you to pull the trigger,
Forgive me if l didn’t tell you,
How much l should have appreciated,
Your acquaintance smile,
Couldn’t tell how pleasant it was.
Pardon me for being damn selfish,
People around you,
Used, betrayed, judged and cast,
I never know or pretend not to care,
That your mental faculty,
You need love to heal your crawling wound.
Remember when you first hug and hold me
To your arms; You look like a clown
Wish l could turn back time,
Return to my childhood where
l could have know you more.
You have broken by the fire-burning,
Dream about you; Thinking of you,
Perhaps, I’m regret for not cherish our last moment,
I’m suppose to express my feelings,
Can anyone visualize how my bitter heart goes?
Mommy missed you,
Grandma is proud of you,
What a remorseful atmosphere; That we have here.
Daddy reminiscence the conversation you had,
Strong, courageous and brave attitude you once preserved.
Too late to cry; My darling,
You said – I’ve got to leave.
Where are you going?
ls there a happy; Peaceful place where you can belong now?
Days have past by me slow,
Awaken from my dream and you went away,
Questioning myself; l need to be responsible.
Not for your passing; But to promise
That my love for you shall never shed.

– – –

This is a tribute poem I wrote a decade ago for someone who I never got the chance to say how much I loved him. Looking back, it’s something really sad. Through words, it’s least what I can express.

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