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Lyric: Unspoken

Tonight it’s unforgettable for me,
That I’ve finally met you,
It is a dream comes true,
Still it feels so surreal that you’re here.
When you hold out your hand to me,
I could see that magical sparks in your eyes,
But when she comes up to you,
And boy, that kiss should be mine (from me to you).

Some words are left unspoken,
Some words are meant to be unsaid,
If it were going to hurt you,
Then let me take it all,
All that left unspoken.

Daringly I ask for your number,
I had to call and hear your voice (please don’t blame me),
Say I’m sorry but it’s not my fault,
Cos’ you’re suppose to be mine (and I’m yours).

Why the cupid has to play us this way?
The feeling is so right but the timing is wrong,
No hidden words now baby just say it out loud,
Shout it out
If only,

I have the chance to speak out,
I have the chance to tell the truth,
That she’s only my filler,
For all that left unsaid
I’ll keep it away from you…

All I want to say,
Is how much I love you?

Lyrical Prose: Light Brown Eyes

Here I am,
Sitting here like the old time looking at you,
We’re near,
But it feels so far away such a distance,
Your cigarette is burning out
My coffee has turn so cold,
Say something my dear,
I don’t know you anymore.

Those beautiful light brown eyes now belong to a stranger,
Those sweetest words you whisper to me have gone…

Needless to cry,
For I know you wouldn’t come back to me,
Nothing to say,
Then why are we not letting each other go?
What do you want from me?
My mind is so clear,
I will not turn back,
You don’t love me anymore.

At night I tell myself to remember that look in your eyes,
When you cradle me to sleep like a child,
Constantly searching as I know that colour is hard to find,
Each time you look into my eyes and smile
I hold on to that memory with all my might…

Those beautiful light brown eyes now belong to a stranger,
Those sweetest words you whisper to me have gone…
Have gone too soon…

Those gorgeous dark brown eyes of mine is standalone,
Waiting for someone to come and call me home…

– – –

In one of the weekends, I’ll post a lyrical poem, which I’ve written last month. Enjoy reading and your feedbacks are much appreciated.

Time management

So I’ve done it. Again.

Three to four hours for 1,500 words each day.

I’m not joking but I’m glad that I’ve achieved it.

Just two days ago, I started my next novel. The word counts are 55,000 to 60,000. I can’t reveal much but it’s about my life and family crisis I’m going through like NOW. I choose to publish it as a fiction rather than a memoir where the first one, you can go about in between reality and in reasonable cause of fantasy.

Later I’m going to read a few pages of novel before going to bed.

Everybody’s writing style is different. What other authors are doing may not be the same like yours. But time management is above all. And trust that voice inside you. No one can write better than you do.

Poem: Spare Me

Catch my breath,
I’m falling fast,
But not that hard,
Grip me tight,
I’m afraid no more.

Kiss me slowly,
Hold me tenderly,
Touch me deeply,
Fill me gently,
And love me endlessly.

I sneak out to see you tonight,
Almost caught
but I didn’t stir,
I lie for you,
They let me go.

Five minutes after midnight

And so I present to you my Other Writings website.

Feel free to click onto the link.

I’ve been working on the site since one and a half weeks back, hoping to show my writing to the world before I actually can call myself a published author.

In this weekend rant and it isn’t some kind of Q&A, do you feel lonely in nightfall?

I try not to admit that. Instead, I read a lot of encouraging quotes.

One thing for sure – Socialise and make friends with POSITIVE people!


In fact, I don’t mind listening to one favourite song entire day. I’m not insane. It’s just a tune that keeps my mood going. I’ve blogged previously about depression. Truth to be told, music heals all souls. Whether you’re a crack-pot or not.

I’m a Malaysian. But still a Chinese by heart. I celebrate Christmas, Chinese Lunar New Year…basically every festivals except those had to do with religious celebration like Hungry Ghost festival and any Hindu and Muslim celebrations. But wait, I still go for my Muslim and Hindu friends’ open house during Hari Raya and Deepavali.

I want to draw two points here.

I’m still very much an old-soul that’s into music of the 80’s and 90’s. Those are the most memorable moment of my life. Similarly, my current playlist (the one in my WMP) are songs by the Chinese legendary Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Gigi Lai, Vivian Chou, Grasshoppers and BEYOND! I cap that because I couldn’t have known how a Canto-Rock would sound like if it weren’t them.

This morning, I was listening to ‘Heart Attack’ by Demi Lovato, ‘Stronger’ by Kelly Clarkson ‘Impossible’ by Shontelle, ‘How Do I Deal’ by Jennifer Love Hewitt and ‘Smoke’ by Natalie Imbruglia. And now it’s Chinese songs all the way.

Another point that I want to make is, I’m proud to call myself a Malaysian and YES, I don’t look so-Chinese by appearance. At times, I’ve been mistaken as an Indonesian, Thai or Filipino. It doesn’t matter. When I was in Vancouver, a man ran to me and claim I must be from Singapore. So what made him thought that? My fluency in English, as he said. Well, there’re Malaysians who are fluent, or close to speaking this impeccable universal language. Perhaps, I’m the first one you’ve met.

My most pleasure, so to speak.

And yes, I love British English. I find it very sexy. Before any of you throwing tomatoes at my direction, I do love North American way of speaking too. Now, I need some help from the Southern effect, please.

Shoop-shoop…Do wop!

It’s early Monday morn. The weather is hot. Bearably.

There’re a few things troubling my mind lately: –

1) A boy of straight As commited suicide by jumping down from his student condominium.

This is absolutely sad because STRAIGHT As on his SPM (O-Levels) to STPM (A-Levels). Excuse me. It’s not something everybody can do it. It was chatting with his father the night before he succumbed to suicide. Poor boy. A great future ahead that’s so bright and beautiful. I’m wondering what he has in mind during that last hour before he jumped?

2) A 3 months old baby girl of congenital heart defect.

This infant needs RM20,000 (approx. US$ 6,677) for surgery. Her parents, who didn’t earn much for a living has spent most of their money for her. My heart is out all for her. I’m terribly sorry for unable to do anything for her. I pray and hope that the public will contribute and at no time this wonderful child will go under the knife with the blessing from the Angel of Healing to lead a normal childhood again.

The last thing is about author behaving like diva. It’s pretty interesting when I was at Samhain Publishing website and a blog entry by Charlie Cochrane who talks about this. I’ve even commented.

I’m going to bed with real and fictionalised historical events and figures battling forces in my brain.

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