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Blog and twittering away

It’s a lazy Saturday, ’til this evening. I’ll probably hang around here in a while b4 going off to my laptop, watching a movie.

I have this bad habit. Well, I used to think it was until recently there’s a personalised survey on this newspaper. I don’t do this often but it was interesting. No harm trying. So, this is what the end-result has to say about me. My attitude, so to speak.

“YELLOW people need to be with like minds, otherwise they’re easily bored. Your unique way with words means you always come across as fun and, at times, acidly witty. If what you say doesn’t reveal how you feel, your expression will.”

The above is pretty true. Wait ’til the next one.

“Books draw you like a magnet, but once you understand the story or topic it goes back on the shelf. You’re a talented writer when you have the patience. Trouble is, your mind is five steps ahead of your hands. Even so, journalism suits your talent for making the most boring news sounds interesting.”

INDEED, I’m experiencing one at the moment. I’m sort of forcing myself to finish this book (which I won’t name). It’s like I don’t want to finish once I know roughly how the story will end. I don’t mind reading books with speculative ending, like I know this book will be a HFN or HEA, but the point is, I can guess which character is going to be doomed.

“You’re prone to insomnia, as yellow stimulates the left side of the brain, making your mind alert even at night.”

My mind will be freaking alert when I hit the first venti vanilla latte from Starbucks.

I’m going to twitter in a bit and then try to speed up the book because the more I look at the cover, the more I’m repeating this:

“If you can write like this, then in no time, yours truly will be in the real deal soon.”



The weather is similar to Vancouver, Canada. I miss this province hell of HEAPS, like whenever summer comes. How I wish to attend another intensive course (probably in Screenwriting) in UBC, enjoying the sun at Stanley Park. Oh, and I wonder which country is participating in the Festival of Lights this year. The one at English Bay gets the first-class view, overlooking towards North.

Enough of that, because if I continue to lament, I’ll get heart sick.

Yesterday, I discovered DmC (Devil May Cry). The reboot series is called DmC. The soundtrack is great, so does Dante, the protagonist. I watched the game movie, thinking Taylor Lautner will play the role. YES, should any production company to take up the adaptation, hopefully it’s him. Perhaps they have a better person. As long as it isn’t disappointing. I’m sure any of you XBOX fans definately knows about this.

Besides my craze for Need For Speed, DmC is another one I’m gluing on.

Sums It Up…

I’ve not been hanging around here for quite some time. Since it’s already the last day of this month, so I thought of just spend the first half of my morning here then. In fact, I have a list written in front of me as to what I’m going to write. He-he…

I’ve been working on several horror fictions two weeks back. And finally I’ve came up with the synopsis of ‘Black Lacuna’ about a new author consumed by the art of creativity through blood and lust. Frankly, I was consumed by the ART as I was jotting it down, which took my one and a half days to complete. I was quite a loon + lunatic, walking like an undead. Scary, huh? But that’s the way it makes you, if you’re too engrossed with your own creativity especially such horror genre. It reminds me of Black Swan, the movie. Oh, and I have a playlist, too.

Some times, knowing what you’re comfortable with in writing makes you a totally different person. I’ve been experiencing it, which leads me to a happier person, in exterior and interior.

I’m attracted to this genre recently – Erotic thriller/suspense. It goes hand-in-hand. I have two blurbs (very roughly written) which I’m expending it into an ideal novella. I’ve thought of the titles – ‘Sex Is No Crime’ and ‘Wild Eden’.

Today marked the 30th Anniversary of the Hong Kong rock band Beyond. I used to listen to them back in primary school. Not until the death of their frontman, Wong Ka-Kui, shaken the Asian music industry into its core. Even some of my friends (guys) were affected by his sudden fatal death. But these people created a name for them. A legend. They’re immortal, as Evanescence had perpetually sang. Like diamond in the sky, forever shining so brightly. I love all their songs because it spells originality, without any sugarcoated lyrics. Even in love songs, it’s pure and direct. My favourite has always been ‘Vast Seas, Clear Skies’.

I don’t own a diamond ring. But I’m proud to have been the fan of these ‘precious diamonds’. I supposed their albums worth priceless…

1) ‘Grunge Diamond’ – Kurt Cobain
2) ‘Forever twenty-Five Diamond’ – Amy Winehouse
3) ‘Tranquil Diamond’ – Eva Cassidy
4) ‘Versatile Diamond’ – Leslie Cheung
5) ‘Immaculate Diamond’ – Anita Mui

Criminal’s Mind

It’s going to be a week I didn’t blog. Time flies fast and I’ve so many errands to run.

The mood is on its temperature, listening to entire Aerosmith albums since morning. But whatever that suits my mood will just do the justice.

Since my last entry, on 19th I’ve been to a place called ‘The Tunnel of Hell’ and then from that tunnel, I’ve seen some improvement, which I’m definately pleased. Now, I’ve felt so much better – perhaps it’s the willingness to open the door to a forgiving frontier. It helps. No matter what people tell you, forgiving can’t be done with the motion of coercion. It takes time. Don’t blame yourself. I know that. I’ve been there.

Perhaps it’s a training bootcamp I’m facing to become a horror/thriller/suspense writer instead?

I’ve been toying around with several ideas. Jotting down blurbs and briefly ‘skeletoning’ an outline of my fictions. ‘Criminal’s Mind’ is where I couldn’t do without. My mind has been cooking some psychological and murderous plot through rage and agony. I believe to be a genre writer, you’re born with the talent. It’s the talent that keeps you going whether it rains or shines.

I’m also having an idea for my literary fiction novel. It’s semi-autobiography (again) this time.

So, write as if you’re chasing the romance of apocalyse.

What a Girl Wants?

…to write the best book and get published.

As simple as that.

I’m playing with a few concepts and ideas and then diligently type them down in numerous word’s doc. Pardon me for I cannot reveal anything here cos’ I’m being superstitious that the creative sparks will vanish. Believe me, I’ve done that a couple of times and it happened. I’ve figured out the title, genres and even the blurbs. What’s left is the synopsis.

I’ve got a lot to do.

Editing is the pain.

But the process will be sweet.

Best of all, I’ve came up with a list of ‘unofficial’ soundtrack for each of my book. I’ll blog about it under ‘Music’ tomorrow.

All you aspiring and published authors, have you ever experienced a plot in your head that you’re killing yourself to get out? Or your mind is cooking conversations of more than two persons?

Towards Mid Month & Year

It has been 11 months since my last entry in my previous blog, which ultimately, has been deleted. It doesn’t matter to me anyway.

Mid of the month and half a year gone.

Just cherish what-ever it comes for the remaining months.

Perhaps this blog is to keep in record the chronology of what happened throughout the day, especially now, for me, that I need to write another book (second or third, doesn’t matter) based on my experience in nursing a sick loved one.


An undeniable sickness that causes devastation and pain in the family.

If I’m lucky, I’ll figure out the plot soon but I always stuck at the ending!

*Taken from Weebly blog posted on 07/06/2013*

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