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Poem: Forsaken

Feeling cold and fragile,
Lonely and insecured,
Raindrops falling – quietly,
Humming slowly – fervently,
Sparkling brown eyes wide awake,
My breath; meant for who to take?
Where there is empty spaces beside me,
Wondering where will you be?

Moonlight – I can hear
Your tender voice – falling into that embrace.
Feminine’s weakness,
thumping in thunder grace.
Colour of the inner-senses,
Millions of crayon – unable to sketch,
My heart is for you to catch.
Lovers – waltzing,
Midnight Sonata,
Symphony of seduction,
Autumn wind,
Falling leaves of brokeness,
Winter snowbound,
Frozen – Transparent tears,

Where do l belong?
Lead me to your place.
Lost in a forsaken crowd,
lnvisible and untouchable,
Self-declaration of love l owed,
For whom to seal the covenant of secrecy?
Knowing that this love is obscure,
For this affection ends without a cure.

– – –

Let’s interact: “Who are you favourite poets?”


Poem: State of Mind

Daily routine,
Tired of everyday’s life,
When reading the Holy Word,
Neither absorbing nor appreciating.
Being blamed for absurdity,
Due to certain foreseeable circumstances,
Pushing me around,
Compact me inside,
Frustrated by your argument.
Wasting my time,
For someone whom l can’t touch,
Rather stay this way than to be your slave,
l don’t belong to your world.
Sick of your speeches,
Furious at your comment,
A hypocrite like you,
You ain’t playing the role of God.
Complexity of mind,
Fountain of human abstracts,
Youth that leads by prayers,
Important and yet to balance
With blissfulness of life
State of innocence to experience,
Daddy’s little girl,
to a promiscuous mistress,
Mommy’s boy,
And then drowning into sexism,
Positions we take,
Future is for us to hold.
Though we may fall,
Yet betrayed,
Consumed by hated,
Or became an outcast,
We’ll make a tunnel of light,
Near, far, narrow or wide,
We are our own determination to live.

A thank you note

This isn’t really a blog entry though it’s slot under the new post.

I want to thank all of you who’d been clicking on the ‘like’, or even following my blog since I’ve posted two poems. I’m a contented person, though I’m bound to work harder.

In fact, I’m thinking of re-publishing my poems from the ‘Other Writing’ (that will leads you to a Weebly website) into this blog. I, somehow need to awaken the sleeping dragon from continuing its slumber while I need to grab as and when the opportunity comes.

What do you think?


This is my fastest entry. Ever.

I have to be up by 5.30am so I’m doing this in the speed of light.

The wait is the real killer but I will not give up. In fact, I’ve thought about Plan B and C. There’re 26 alphabets so I have 26 plans to kill.

What I mean is my literary agent signing. I’m not ranting here But patience is what counts.

I’m on Hong Kong International Literary Festival website. Like now.

Think tank!

Was window-shopping at Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Forever 21, Topshop, Warehouse UK and Guess. In the end, I ordered a DP top, which to be collected this Friday. I couldn’t wait.

Perhaps I was having a cup of vanilla latte and then a slice of tiramisu for tea break and then BAM!

Disaster struck!

Depression came knocking my brain!

Now, I have to make a mental note for stopping any caffeinated beverage (coffee, tea, cocoa, cola), stay away from carbohydrates (any refined and white flour produces), alcohol and ciggies (those two which I’ll never EVER touch. It has been great long time since I’ve touched any liquor).

It scares the hell of me, so I came back and did a quick google and found this: –

“…Hypomania often generates productivity and creativity”; and

“Classic symptoms of hypomania include mild euphoria, a flood of ideas, seemingly endless energy, and a desire and drive for success.”

Good say! But the fact isn’t what it seems. I tend to hate myself. But not to the extend of self-inflicting and suicide. So I had a talk with my mum. She talked me out and gave me some encouragement. You see, depression comes and will stay there if you don’t talk it out. I was a little taken aback when I got that. Luckily it doesn’t strike when I was shopping. And to curb this, food is very important and then environmental stress also is another contributory factor.

But it’s hard for me to change the latter.

However, let’s not forget Monday’s theme. I love something retro: –

1) Ava Adore – Smashing Pumpkins
2) Sex & Candy – Marcy Playground
3) How Do I Deal – Jennifer Love Hewitt
4) Sour Girl – Stone Temple Pilots
5) Karma Police – Radiohead

I try not to go overboard but most people with depression are high achievers.


And so I’m listening to Backstreet Boys on Youtube. It reminds me of the 1996, where life is so much better.

The letters I’m talking about is ‘Rejection Letters’ from a bunch of dearest literary agents. As predicted, I’m receiving it more than my employment contracts this year. I’ve made a pack to print them the moment I’ve got signed by a literary agent. Then, my number one step into the route of publication is done.

I’m not going to blog how they behaved when they don’t respond (even they promised to do so on their submission website) to e-mail reminders. So far no rude response from them, which I’m grateful for. At least they’re being professional. I’ve sent to 10 agents in mid-May and received three uniformed letters, and one, which addressed to my name. I truly appreciate the later, and at the same time I don’t expect a lot from them because most of them have a handful of existing bestsellers under their belt, though they still open to new authors. The rest of them that I’ve yet to hear, I’ll take it as a no as I have to move on.

For the second batch, I picked 14 of them and so far I’ve gotten two uniformed letters. I’m just like carrying a basket full of denial, walking around hoping I’ll get signed on…One day.

Should you ask me what if I still can’t get an agent. What’s next for me?

Like mind over matters, tell yourself the following that the agent…

1) …has mood (no offence, but they’re still human)
2) …has just signed someone that’s of similar to your work
3) …thinks your project doesn’t fit his or hers
5) …couldn’t relate to your style of writing (Remember: Writing is a very subjective approach)
6) …is busy with their existing clients
7) …has too many queries to handle, so they pick what’s fit for them
8) …just not interested
9) …realises your work has no place for publication (for that moment)
10) …doesn’t know how to sell your work

But NEVER EVER give up.

I’m like an aspiring musician sending her demos to all over recording companies, hoping for the best to come and then playing in some jazz club or coffee house at night. No, I’m not the kind of person that go for competition, or any writing challenge, whatsoever.

Until the day I finally signed on, I’ll post around my social network and shout from the rooftop.

WIP Tuesday

In this whatever-may-happen day, I decided to share some of my ‘works in preliminary’ level.

I’ve read through couples of articles regarding radiation, where I hope to write a lengthy novel on it. I’ve thought of the title. Hopefully it is an agented submission.

Secondly, I was on the Chinese Ancient and Imperial Dynasties era, reading on wikipedia about a hopeful horror anthology submission by Samhain Publishing that might, eventually, turns into something dark, paranormal…and sexy…

Perhaps, being interested in Stephen King’s books I can never write a horror flick that can ooze blood. Or maybe spending time too much in front of the PC that one day I’mma be sucked from the screen. Ha-ha!!!

And I don’t reveal any of my work in progress. It’s like a superstitious like you’re afraid of walking down a soft plank ladder. But I’m working on a few projects at the moment.

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