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Happy Belated Birthday

I received a rejected letter from a literary journal a day after I turned 34. If my work were to get published, then this would be one of the loveliest birthday gifts from the publishing world. Frankly speaking, I don’t mind rejection letters. I’ve gotten them so much that I can make collage on the wall. It’s part of growing up as a writer. It helps me (the writers) to grow-up and mature before we are accepted by one of the top-five publishing houses.

Now, the editor commented the lack in its ‘form, structure and plot’. And she’s willing to help me to polish it up, so that I’m ‘always welcome to re-submit’ to the journal again. Fine. I did as she told. It’s approaching a week or so, and I have yet to hear from her.

‘When there’s a will, there’s a way.’

Right. ‘That’ isn’t the only journal that’s available in this world. I can never blocking the door, idly standing there. I have to move on, not that I still have my legs that functioning, but I’m not going to waste anymore time. I’ve already submitted it to another literary mag, and had other alternative online journals in mind, as well.

Somehow, the feminism theory that I’d studied in the Jurisprudence class has kept me going ’til this day.

Belated Happy New Year

Think I’ve missed the 1st January 2016 post but that’s alright.

It has been quite a hiatus for me last year but I will try to post as much as I can. Besides the recent acceptance from ‘Streetcake Magazine’ and ‘The Stray Branch’ (for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 issue), I’ve tried my hands on other small presses and those…others…bigger ones too.

Shhhhhh… Pardon for unable to reveal much at the moment.

Washing off my clay mask time.

Love, Write, Live


One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

How this lovely award works:-

1) Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2) Add the ‘One Lovely Blog’ logo to your post.
3) Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
4) Nominate 5 bloggers you admire and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog.

A note from the webmistress:-

I would like to thank BJSSCRIBBLES for the wonderful and lovely nomination.

Here are the seven (7) random facts of mine:-

1) I’m one-eight (1/8) Thai.
2) Caffeine is one of my writing diets.
3) My life and music merge as one entity.
4) I’m an animal lover, especially cats.
5) I used to have OCD on people who couldn’t pronounce my name correctly.
6) I had a short stint in an indie rock band.
7) I wrote my first lyrical poem at age 14.

My five (5) blogs nomination:-


Poem: Sweet Rant

A page was torn
without a font
Silvery hell money wasted
Already passed one week
Two to be exact
No return for a fresh one, let alone refund
Hungry printer, publisher
Out of time for a decent meal
Phantom’s work for note’s scribbling
Say no to post-it!

Poem: Sorry

We broke up over our favourite coffee
Be the man don’t apologise over spilled milk
Maybe because I won’t be listening to it anymore
And you couldn’t get the chance to say it often

You couldn’t open your mouth to tell her
She’s so special; sweet, pure, innocent and kind
The open doors and windows of tanning sunray
Her words are of strawberry coated with honey star

Apology unaccepted if it cannot be undone
Either they don’t comprehend or they actually
know but pretending, utmost ridiculous
Questions and answers wetting an unending thread
Don’t say you’re sorry with the reason to hurt

A Note for My Dearest Gems

Dear Gems,

It has been a week I didn’t blog. However, it wasn’t on purpose that I was on a ‘vacation’. This morning I log onto the internet to check on emails and read what’s been trending. And when they say expect the unexpected is usually something good, but I received another rejection letter on my novel submission from one of the US agents.

My actual vacation of being away from the net was due to my maniac stress/depression disorder. I had mild Bipolar Disorder, too. So for the past one week without internet and any white noises, only prayers, rest, relaxing and meditation. I’m doing quite well now. Well, is anybody still reading this? Or had rejected me like others did? I’m practically used to it. Frankly, who can receive rejections over and over again?

So this is a short note to inform that I will be back next week, while at the meantime I have been writing lots of poems for redemption.

‘Til then signing off with much love…

Poem: The Unknown (II)


We’ve met before ten years ago,
I stood three rows away from you,
You looked my way but no expression,
I was with my unscrupulous lover,
We then fast forward to present.


You’re well-known and prolific,
I’m in the boulevard of struggling dream,
‘Be patient with steadfastness’, you said.
I will not give up this, not a chance,
Wondering will we ever met, face-to-face.

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