Inkstand Candles - ditch, (January 2014)
 Nine Dragon Guesthouse - Poetry Quarterly (January 2014) (Purchase Paperback Issue)
 Fireflies, Ghosts of Changi - Anak Sastra Issue 14th (January 2014)
 Three Line Poetry Issue 24 (January 2014) (Purchase Paperback Issue)
 This Love - Coffee Shop Poems (February 2014)
 Haiku Journal Issue 26 (February 2014) (Purchase Paperback Issue)
 Frangipani - Inwood Indiana Press (February 2014) (Purchase Paperback Issue)
 You Call For The Title - Red Fez Issue 64 (February 2014)
 On Trial - Mad Swirl (March 2014)
 Three Line Poetry Issue 25 (March 2014) (Purchase Paperback Issue)
 Fragrant Island, Swim Dry Water, Searching Happiness, Cemented Avenue - Eastlit Journal (May 2014)
 Way Home - Vox Poetica (May 2014)
 Mirror, Best Kept Secret, Looking Back And Drowning In - Banana Writers (May 2014)
 Primordial - The Tower Journal (June 2014)
 At Last - Coffee Shop Poems (June 2014)
 My Strength - Coffee Shop Poems (September 2014)
 Eastern Lover - Wish Poetry Press (October 2014)
 Quiet Fire, Once in 365 Days, The Key - Message In A Bottle Poetry Magazine (December 2014)
 Ballad's Under Construction - Crack The Spine Literary Magazine (March 2015)
 Messy Is - Streetcake Magazine (December 2015)
 Yearning - Be Happy Zone (March 2016)
 Dear Backfire, To My Vanished Self - The Stray Branch (March 2016)
 Lovers of a Distorted Melody, The Sushi Postcard - East Jasmine Review (October 2016)
 Primogeniture - Eksentrika (October 2016)
 Footprints in the Sand - The Malaysian Poets Society (December 2016)
 Hedyloidea (My Father's Soul) - Wherewithal (April 2017)
 XXX's Interlude - Eksentrika (May 2017)
 This Heart Still Beats Without You - Thought Catalog (May 2017)
 Third Anniversary - Ricepaper Magazine (September 2017)


Dragon's Lover - Eastlit (November 2014)
Her Anatomy - Inwood Indiana Press (February 2015)
Ingenue - Banana Writers (June 2015)
The Reunion - The Stray Branch (forthcoming Spring/Summer 2018)
Journey to Hell's Gate - The Stray Branch (forthcoming Spring/Summer 2018)


Writing in an Imperfect Voice - Eastlit (September 2014)
Writing, Rejection and Publication - Thiscene (December 2016)
50 Tiny Little Lessons I Learned Before Turning 35 - Thought Catalog (February 2017)
Poetry: Fiction or Nonfiction? - Thiscene (March 2017)
A Letter To My Muse - Thought Catalog (April 2017)

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